P’s Transportation Birthday Party

We had a small party to celebrate our soon-to-be 2-year-old. We decided to invite our family and a couple very close friends over to celebrate. For the theme, we kind of wanted to do Caillou since Preston is obsessed, but we knew that a lot of people don’t know who he is. Then maybe Yo Gabba Gabba, Mickey Mouse, or Sesame Street. Finally, we decided to keep it classic and go with a transportation party. We served brunch and had one heck of a cool cake. Preston loved it all. We also went ahead and gave him his big gift a little early since Brian will be traveling for work most of the day on P’s actual birthday. We got him his first tricycle. He opened gifts with just his immediate family, and some of the favorites were a remote control car, several new books, puzzles, and cool new clothes.


Party favors consisted of 2-shaped cookies, transportation stickers, and Cars gummies.


We had the best time laughing over Preston’s concentration when operating the remote control car. He picked it up immediately, and has not put it down since!


Our sweet two-year-old is smitten with his new trike. He was so excited when we showed it to him!


So much fun with the remote control car. Poor boy thought that the remote could operate ALL his cars. 🙂


Preston had so much fun opening his gifts. This momma forgot to put “no gifts please” on his invite. His playroom runneth over.


We had the most fun putting the food table together. We bought some felt and went to town. Brian raided the playroom for cars and trucks and we set up a whole scene on the table. So fun.


Blowing out the candles


We had fun names for the foods like cloud dip (marshmallow fluff and graham cracker sticks), stoplight skewers (fruit kabobs color coordinated for a stoplight), construction boulders (chicken nuggets), spare tires (donuts from Gibson’s), and a fueling station (drinks!).



The showstopper. Preston loved his cake and I am thankful to Pinterest for giving me the idea. 🙂


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