2 years


You are 2 years old. Where did it go? Just like that, my baby grew.

We are so proud of you and are constantly marveled by watching you grow. You ask smart questions and you remember things. I can ask you what you did at school on the car ride home, and you can tell me. You tell me who you played with, what you did, and about the books you read at school. You are a listener and don’t miss anything. You hear every word we say. But you are also a talker. Every day, on the teacher’s notes, she has a list of adjectives describing your mood that day (can you imagine if we were all judged on our moods everyday? yikes) and one of the adjectives is “quiet”. It always has a big X through it, and “chatty” is circled three times. I can think of no better way to describe your personality these days.


  • You weigh 31 pounds (75th percentile), are 35 inches tall (75th percentile – you had a growth spurt!) and your head is also in the 75th percentile. You got a great two year check up from Dr. Bubba.
  • You can spell your name out loud.
  • You can count to 15.You know your ABCs like the back of your hand, and are starting to identify specific letters, colors, and numbers.
  • You can string sentences together to communicate.
  • You are starting to become interested in “the potty” by pretending your stuffed animals are using it.
  • Your favorite phrase is “My do it!” and you have absolutely beautiful manners. We are always getting remarks about how great your manners are, and it just fills us with pride.
  • You’ve now had 3 haircuts, much to my dismay.
  • Your favorite foods are any kind of casserole, yogurt, spaghetti, quiche, and your momma’s homemade potato soup.
  • You still love Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street and have taken an interest in Mickey Mouse. It’s a nice change from non-stop Elmo.
  • Some of your favorite games are “marching band” where you bang a drum and herd everyone, “ring around the rosy” where you sing the song and make sure every single person is laying all the way down at the “all fall down!” part, and singing and dancing to every song under the sun and not allowing anyone to sing with you. You have quite the “leader” and “in-charge” attitude. And frankly, I don’t think that’s because you are 2. 😉
  • Some of your favorite books are a Caillou seek and find book, One Foot Two Feet, and Where’s My Truck?
  • You know the words to countless songs.
  • You LOVE to perform. You do not have a shy bone in your body. You will go into a room of strangers and talk when they ask you questions, and do not even pretend to be shy. I love this about you.

Please make the days slow down. I got teared up while rocking you in the middle of the night during a bad storm, that my time doing that is limited. You will be grown before I know it. But, I will take these moments when I get them, breathe in your good smell, and sweet kisses and enjoy every minute of these so-called terrible twos. But, there is absolutely nothing terrible about our healthy, happy, smart and loving big boy.

We love you more than you know!


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