New Life

My best friend, Robyn, and her husband John Michael welcomed a new baby boy to their family. They asked me to be at the hospital when John Hopson entered to the world to take some pictures. I am far from a professional photographer, but after a 4:30 a.m. text message and a long wait, I headed to the hospital when I heard she was about to start pushing.

My friendship with Robyn goes back to high school, and grew and grew over the last 10 years. She and JM (and now JH) are like family to us. Robyn is P’s godmother, and her patient, calm and loving way has already made her a great mom.

JH is beautiful, and so is their new family of three. When I saw Robyn holding JH for the first time, I just lost it. I will always remember that sweet moment and the proud looks on their faces. Welcome to the world, John Hopson! We are always here for you, if you ever need anything!






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