Big Boy

I have a fun update coming about Brian’s 30th birthday. We had a small surprise party AND I surprised him with a trip to San Francisco. But for now, an update on my big boy.

We took him to his first “show” – Yo Gabba Gabba Live at the Orpheum on Friday. It was so fun. He had a blast. He spent the first half of the show wide-eyed and clutched to Brian, but mesmerized with the performance. Then came intermission (a.k.a children crying everywhere) and questions of “Where Yo Gabba go?” and “Make Yo Gabba come back!” Thankfully, that was short lived. We were sitting on the aisle, and so when they came back for the second act, Preston danced and danced in the aisle. He also liked how the aisle was like a ramp and proceeded to run up and down it. We took turns chasing, but he was having so much fun we just kind of let him go. After the show, Preston asked “Where Yo Gabba go?” and we said that they had to go back to the boombox where they live. Preston thought for a minute and goes, “Maybe…. Yo Gabba at my house?!” We thought that was pretty clever, and we did watch an episode at home before bed that night.

Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba

This weekend, we also moved him into the toddler bed. My parents got it from another family, and it is great for P!  The other day I was changing the sheets on his crib, and put the mattress on the floor. He got so excited and wanted to sleep on the mattress. I thought he might be ready for the toddler bed, plus the idea of no longer hoisting a 30 lb. child into and out of his crib sounded good to us. So far, so good. He fell out of it last night, but got right back in and went right back to sleep. He is SO excited about it, and talks about it all the time. He woke up this morning saying “I sleep in big boy bed and daddy built it. I love it!” This morning, he hung out in it for about 20 minutes and finally got out but just pulled out a book from his shelf and started flipping through, quietly entertaining himself. He didn’t even try to open the door or anything, so that was good and we were both pretty surprised. When Brian was assembling it, Preston wanted to “help”. Thanks to a tool puzzle he got for his birthday, Preston said “Daddy, this is screw and this is screwdriver! You need wrench?” It was too funny. I am glad he loves it so much, because it makes it much less bittersweet for us.

We plan to keep him in the nursery until he is ready for the double bed and moving into a different room entirely. But, baby steps. Don’t want to rock the boat too much, so for now, this is a good transition.   🙂

Big boy bed


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