Daylight Savings Time threw Preston for a loop. We had to wake him up the other morning, and he was NOT happy about it. Brian went in his room and gently told him it was time to start the day. Preston pointed to the door and said “You go away! I need more night night!” He proceeded to repeat “I need more night night” over and over, through breakfast and on the way to school. Funny kid.

Preston has a little girlfriend at school. She LOVES him. We’ll call her L for short. L gets so excited when Preston gets to school. She helps him put up his book bag, and immediately takes him over to play with her. Brian and I laugh because Preston is completely oblivious to her flirting. Brian always pick-ups up P from school, and he says when he arrives, she yells “Preston, your daddy is here!” and helps pack up all his things before he leaves. This morning at drop off, another little girl in his class, A, ran to Preston and kissed him twice on the cheek! L saw this and was NOT happy. She ran over, pushed A away and kissed Preston. Preston just stood there with a little grin on his face. Preston teacher told them  “Okay girls, enough with the kissing! Let him get in door first!” It was hilarious!

Speaking of the ride to school, it has become one of Preston’s favorite things to do. We go over a tiny bridge, pass 2 tiger statues, and go over train tracks all in the 3 mile drive to school. Preston anticipates each item and cheers when we pass each one. Children are amazing in the small things they notice and get excited for. It totally makes you look at life differently and makes a little drive from point A to point B so fun. 🙂




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