I feel terrible that this is two months late. But, better late than never. February was crazy, and now that I finally have all our pictures back from the person that restored our memory card (hallelujah!), I can share all the ways we celebrated your 30th birthday.

Brian at 4

26 years ago

The first of your birthdays we celebrated was your 21st. We were in Athens, and I had come down to visit you from Knoxville.  That was a pretty meaningful weekend, because I felt like we really solidified our relationship then. Now, you are turning 30. We are parents of one and a half, live in what we hope to be our forever home, and have accomplished a lot of great things together.

Reasons to celebrate you:

– Watching you be a dad. Especially when you sing theme songs to kids shows, wrestle on the floor, read books, and teach P things. Watching you play and teach teeball and basketball to him in the back yard it just about the sweetest thing there is. It just makes my heart feel so full. You are a GREAT dad.
– You are a GREAT husband. I couldn’t ask for a more understanding, forward-thinking person who not only supports my career but cheers for it and my independence. I absolutely LOVE this about you. You are my greatest motivator and you always believe in me.
– You always put P and me first
– How hard you work
– That you can operate on less sleep than me and get us going in the morning
– You make P’s lunch every single morning
– The loyalty you have to your friends
– Sometimes you randomly call or email me at work just to check on me
– Your health. You rarely get sick!
– You indulge me in my interior design dreams and strip wallpaper, paint, repair, caulk and sand to my heart’s content.
– The work you do around our house. I can always count on you to fix or kill anything. 🙂 I am still amazed in which the way you caught the squirrel in our attic, and when EVERYONE was telling you to kill it, you researched ways to release it in the woods to where the squirrel would have the best chance of survival.
– You are THE most fun to travel with and are always up for an adventure
– You know anything and everything about sports. I am so glad we had a boy.
– You get really fired up over things, and it makes me laugh. Georgia football and politics seem to be your main two.

The list can go on and on. I know you sometimes feel older than 30, because you are already a dad and homeowner and our social life has slowed down a lot over the last two years, but our life is so full and there is still so much left to celebrate and enjoy. Happy 30th my dear!

To celebrate, I surprised Brian with a trip to San Francisco! We spent a long weekend there and had the best time. We made some really fun memories and enjoyed the time spent on us. I also surprised him with a little get-together last night! I gathered immediate family, and a few close friends at Brookhaven. I think the biggest surprise for him was that Preston was there. I am fairly certain he is one of the only 2-year-olds to go to Brookhaven 🙂 I took tons of pictures, but here is a small sampling.


30th Birthday Cake











View of SF from Alcatraz. We had beautiful weather!



Standing at the top of the crookedest street – Lombard.



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