Nashville Wedding

Last weekend, B and I left P with his grandparents for the weekend and we headed to Nashville to celebrate my best friend from college, Hurt, as we call her. Hurt and I were roommates for two years of college and we had so many fun times together. There are so many things about her I love, but her humor and huge heart are probably my two favorites. 🙂

We got there Friday morning for the bridesmaid luncheon, some spa time and then off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

image (3)

B and me at the rehearsal dinner at Hurt and David’s house

image (4)

Whitney, Hurt’s sister, is seriously one of my favorite people. I loved when she would come stay with us in college. She is so much fun!

Hurt asked me to sing two songs in her wedding – Ave Maria and a beautiful German aria Bist du Bei Mir, which I sang many times in my classical voice training in high school and college. It was fun to sing that song again, and fit the German Lutheran Church she was married in just perfectly.

We stayed with our wonderful hosts, Meg and Aaron. Meg and I got up early and headed to Mt. Juliet to Hurt’s parents house for some beautifying. We had our hair done, ate lunch and enjoyed girl time before heading to the church. I was happy with my hair. I thought she did a great job!

image (6)

Wedding day hair


Hurt rented a really cool trolley, and thankfully the rain stopped just long enough for us to get some great pics around downtown Nashville. We had a blast at the wedding and reception. It was a little sentimental since Hurt was the last of our close college/Delta Gamma friends to get married, and weddings always bring everyone together.

I had a major friend fail! I brought all my camera stuff to get some good pics of the weekend, and sadly left my memory card at home! I hate when I do that. My iPhone had to suffice for photos, but thankfully, there have been some great ones posted on FB that I can steal. 🙂

Bridesmaids on the Trolley

Bridesmaids on the Trolley

Hurt let us all pick our own dresses in a nude/neutral color and it looked so beautiful! Some were knee-length and some were long, and I think it added uniqueness to her wedding. I didn’t know big I might be at this point in the pregnancy, so I ordered maternity just to be safe and comfortable. My friend Natasha introduced ASOS Maternity to me, and they had several great options.

image (2)

The bride and me!


Malcorn and me before the ceremony

Malcorn (Meg) and me before the ceremony




image (5)

So sweet! I love Megan’s dad. They danced to Blackbird and it was such a sweet moment. Kind of made me tear up!

The cutest part that actually made me seriously cry, tears running down my cheeks, was that she shared a special dance with her flower girl Macie. It was so adorable, and there were a lot of tears as I looked around the room just out of pure sweetness. They danced to Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”.  Brian told me I was being hormonal (haha) but it was just SO sweet! Hurt made her dress, which was just adorable.

Sweetest moment!

Sweetest moment!


We ended up not doing anything after the wedding, because the skies opened up and it began to borderline monsoon. Quite the scary drive back to Meg’s, but we made it safely, cooked a pizza, stayed up talking with her parents and went to bed. 🙂 Then after a wonderful brunch cooked by Meg’s parents, we headed back to Memphis. Wonderful weekend and we loved celebrating Megan.

photo (8)




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