Bumpdate: 18ish weeks (and Go Grizz!)

This pregnancy has been full of surprises. A complete and total different experience than the first time. SO much sicker, so much more tired, overall icky feeling, and I just dream of my bed. On the other hand, there are so many amazing things about it, too. I religiously tracked my first pregnancy and took a weekly photo. Sadly, that’s not happening this time, simply because I always forget.

How Far Along? 18 weeks and a few days
Trimester?  Second, although I still feel like I am in my first.
Size of the Little One? 5 inches long and weighs 5 ounces, size of a sweet potato. The same size as my hand. Pretty cool.
Maternity Clothes? I have great friends who pass around maternity clothes to me, so I have been in maternity pants, but regular shirts mostly. Let’s be honest here, I have been known to wear maternity pants NOT pregnant, so now that my excuse is valid, I am all in. 🙂
Weight Gain? 3 lbs so far. Not much thanks to lots of sickness.
Stretch Marks? Considering the ones from the first pregnancy are still lingering (do not invest in any type of lotions or rubs unless you are itchy – it’s all genetics according to my doc. I can attest to this because I religiously used good belly rub and STILL got them come week 36), I am starting to think they will always be around. haha! I thought I would hate it, but I don’t mind them and have actually grown okay with my c-section scar. The reward is worth it.
Gender? Not finding out, but my inclination says boy. At my last checkup, the baby was moving SO MUCH it took a while to get a heartbeat. P used to do that all the time. I can already see my belly moving when the baby moves, which is pretty much constantly! Brian can even feel the kicking.  So active and a heartbeat always in the 140s leads me to believe boy. I would love to be an all-boy mama. 🙂 However, my symptoms, Chinese Gender Chart, and everything else points to girl.
Name? We have two girl names we love and one “maybe” on a boy name.  Tossing around ideas at this point.
Sleep? Not great. I have insomnia most nights, and when I do finally fall asleep usually have to wake up to use the restroom. Perspective is a beautiful thing because I know to enjoy these “sleepless” nights because they will have nothing on the sleepless nights #2 will bring. 6 hours of sleep is HEAVEN after you’ve become a parent. P has been randomly waking some too. I spent an hour last night sleeping on his floor next to his bed. Pretty sure the doc would not approve!
Cravings? French fries, baby carrots with ranch. I really crave sauces – ranch dressing, ketchup, honey mustard.  I went through a pretty intense kale craving around weeks 7-9, but it passed.
What I Miss? Feeling like myself. Energy. Being able to carry my 32 lb toddler and wrestle him on the floor without seriously paying for it in soreness. I have noticed a lot lately that my abdomen actually hurts at the end of the day – I think from lifting lots of things, house work, carrying P, going up and down stairs all the time, etc. I did a lot more resting in my first pregnancy, naturally. I am paying for all those late nights folding and putting away laundry. I have been walking some at night, and can barely make it a few blocks before everything starts hurting.
Symptoms? You name it, I have it.
Best Moment? The other night, P rested his head on my belly and the baby started kicking. It was the first time where I really felt like I had two children. It made me tear up! I also loved hearing the heartbeat and getting a good check up last week. I’ve having another fetal echo this pregnancy, so I am looking forward to that and my almost-22 week check up/ultrasound in June. Another sweet day was Mother’s Day. So fun to be celebrating the day as a mom of two!

Another great moment was getting to attend the Grizzlies playoff game against the OKC Thunder last night. We went with some of our friends, had great seats (center court, club level) and didn’t get home until around 1:30 a.m. So fun, but staying out that late on a Monday night and getting up early with Preston meant a little extra coffee for me this morning. 🙂 We loved getting to go, and thanks to Brian’s friend Sean for inviting us. We had a blast!


image (17)

Before the game, we had dinner outside with friends at Local on Main, then walked down Beale to the Forum. The weather was beautiful! My bump is looking low lately – another indication it could be boy!

image (16)

About to go through some serious security to get into the game.

image (15)

Baby Fields #2 was cheering for the Grizz. We were down at the half by a decent amount, but came back in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

image (14)

In overtime, “Don’t stop believing!”

photo (12)

The game was crazy! It was so loud in there and the fans were awesome. Such a fun atmosphere and I was so happy we won!

image (18)

Brian was so happy. I mean, can you tell? 🙂


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