Funny Sayings

Some recent convos with P have been hilarious. I want to write them down so I’ll remember!

Convo #1
P asked me to hold a toy. I had held it for a little while, then he came up to me, ripped the toy out of my hand, smiled and said “Good sharing, Mommy.”

We ate at Central BBQ the other night. When we told P where we were going, he kept saying barbecue, but pronounced it “bah-bah-cue?” like he was kind of asking a question. When the server got to our table to take our order, she asked “What do you want?” Preston says loudly to her “bah-bah-cue! bah-bah-cue!” and proceeded to shout it all the way through our orders.

Convo #3
When we ride to school and back each day, we pass two tigers on Poplar Ave. These big tiger statues are all over town, but P talks about the two on Poplar all the time. Sometimes when we drive past one, he’ll yell “Ouch! He bit me!” or “Hi, Tiger! You a mystery!” (he calls everything a mystery, and we have no idea why). The other day, we drove past one and I said, “Hi, Tiger!” P replied, “Mommy! 1, 2, 3, SHHHH!” I asked him why he was shushing me, and he said “Tiger take a nap. You gonna wake everybody up, Mommy!” I laughed because I am SURE Preston has been told a few times to 1, 2, 3, SH at nap time before. 🙂

Convo #4
We had some of Brian’s family from out of town over to our house on Saturday. We were in the den hanging out, and they complimented Preston. P threw one arm up in the arm and yelled “Thank you! Thank you!” very loudly and proudly. Haha! We then proceeded to teach him how to take a bow when saying thank you. The way he bowed was hilarious. It was really more of a quick nod. So funny, and now he will bow when he says thank you.


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