Halfway, a project, and Memorial Day

First, a couple professional pics from Hurt’s wedding. Such a fun weekend!

stricker wedding 4

Delta Gamma pic 🙂

stricker wedding 2

stricker wedding 3

I’m 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and officially at the halfway mark.

photo (15)

While I am excited for this, it also sparked a bit of panic. It came quickly, and that means the next 20 weeks will go quickly and we have some things to do to prepare! Mainly house things, like moving P out of the nursery and down the hall. Before I became a mom, I didn’t think this was a big deal, but it really is. P is very attached to his nursery, and we are really hoping for a smooth transition! The only thing we need to buy for baby #2 is a new rocker/glider for the nursery. P loves his – it’s an antique and while it’s great for reading books and sitting, it is not so great for nursing and rocking a baby. We’ll move the antique into P’s room and get a new one for the nursery. I am first on the waiting list at Pottery Barn Outlet for the next one that comes through the dock. 🙂 Let’s hope I get lucky with that!

I bought myself a respirator mask so that I could do some painting over Memorial Day weekend. My son said I looked like a pig (thanks Preston). I got a bee in my bonnet over rearranging and painting one of the closets in the playroom. I am really happy with how it turned out and P loves it! It really adds square footage to the room which is great for a growing boy who loves to wrestle and a baby who will be on the move in the Spring. We took the doors off, put his (mine from 1985ish) play kitchen in there, an Expedit with a bunch of his toys for storage, and even though the picture doesn’t show it, I hung some of his latest paintings in there.

image (30)

Before – lots of wasted space, with terrible plywood shelves that fell down easily. Very glad no child ever tried to climb them.

image (29)

After – cleaner, brighter, no doors and a much better use of space. Plus, an Expedit that is so bolted in, I am pretty sure I could climb it without it tipping. (thanks Brian!)

Speaking of hanging his art, he has been quite the artist lately.

image (32)

image (26)

image (33)

Brian and my dad also installed a new toilet in the playroom bathroom, since the original one from 1964 was gross and leaking. It is one of those dual flush, eco responsible toilets. 🙂 While Brian and I are a little nervous that Preston can’t reach the nobs in the top of the tank to flush, he is growing like a weed and should be able to when he decides he wants to potty train. We shall see! Dad and Brian actually changed it out pretty quickly – I was impressed! While it’s a messy job, it took about an hour and half. It did kind of make me want to change the rest of our toilets… maybe we can slowly change them out. 🙂

Aside from house projects, we did have time to have a little fun this weekend. We had a taco night with Robyn, JM and their baby John Hopson. He is growing so fast and really has the cutest little personality. He is a great baby! Preston had no interest in him, until Brian held JH. Preston went ballistic. He started hitting Brian’s legs, and saying “No hold baby! No baby!!!!” at the top of his lungs. While we all laughed, Brian and I got pretty concerned since baby #2 will eventually have to be held by one of us. 😉 Sorry P!

Also, in a very rare occurance, my whole family got together at our house for a cook out. We live in the same city, but we all are so busy that we are all rarely together at the same time! Very glad to spend some quality time with my brothers, their girls and my parents. Brian grilled quite a feast for us all!

image (27)

My mom got creative with icing and made these cute cupcakes!

image (25)

Preston tried his hand at cornhole. He was pretty into it!

image (24)

It’s not Memorial Day without red, white and blue popsicles. P was in heaven!

image (28)
We also busted out a new toy for Preston. I justified my purchase on Preston ending his first “school year” of preschool, although he will return for the summer session. His new water table is an absolute hit! It is seriously the first time we have seen Preston play with one thing for longer than 15 minutes. He absolutely loves it.

image (31)
Speaking of preschool, here is a comparison of his first day at CTK Preschool back in early August and his last day of the school year. He will stay in Mrs. Scott’s class until August, when he switches to 2K. The summer session at CTK has weekly themes, so he should have fun with that. Of course he is taking a week off to go to the beach with us, and then a week here or there to spend with grandparents. He has a pretty fun summer lined up!

1st Year of Preschool

Good thing I am getting another baby, because this one is growing way too fast!


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