Graduations and Birthdays

Brian’s little sisters graduated from high school. It is so hard to believe – I met them when they were in 3rd grade. They have grown into such beautiful women with such big hearts. It was very fun (and tearful) to see their huge smiles and walk up to get their diplomas. Brian’s sister Shellye also graduated with her MBA. Way to go Mal, Britt and Shellye!



Brian’s cousins and great aunt came in from Florida for the graduation. Preston majorly bonded with Steven! Steven is quite the artist and drew Woody in chalk for him when they came to our house for dinner. Preston loved it and we got a great picture of the two of them. So cute!


My sis-in-law also graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing. She is one step closer to being a nurse practitioner. She takes her boards this summer, and I know she is so ready to be done. She will be a great NP! We’re proud of you Melissa! My parents and her parents threw a graduation party for her, and it was so fun! I didn’t get many pics because P was extra wild and crazy that night, so I spent a lot of the night chasing. It was on Cinco de Mayo, so it was themed as well. My bro Mark got out the guitar and Joe got the bongos and played some fiesta-themed music. It was hilarious! It wouldn’t be a family party without music.



We also attended Brian’s cousin Henry’s 1st birthday party. He is such a cutie and Eva is a great big sister. All the little cousins on Brian’s side are just adorable, and it is fun to see them all run around together. 🙂







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