Technology is Amazing

I usually get extremely nervous before ultrasounds. The night before our fetal echo, I could not really sleep. Lots of tossing and turning and praying. We had one with P and this baby based on family history. Thankfully, we had a fetal echo to check on baby’s heart and everything else really, and it was “unremarkable” according to the Maternal Fetal / High Risk OB. We were thrilled to hear it, and got a great overall check up.

Fetal echos are pretty long. Measuring every aspect of the baby’s heart, the tech told me the heart was about the size of a quarter at this point and the baby weighed 15 ounces total. Β It’s amazing to me what all they can see and measure.

Baby is breech, which is interesting, because P was always head down. I wasn’t totally surprised when the tech told me that, since my bump is shaped a little differently and the kicks are directly on my lower organs rather than ribs.

The baby was so squirmy, just like our first, and Brian and I loved watching the baby move around, yawn, suck his/her thumb, and kick like crazy. At one point, I had to move around some to get a shot of baby’s spine, and after a while, our tech finally got the picture of the spine she was looking for. She DID determine the gender, but we closed our eyes for that part. πŸ™‚

Funny and truthful story – Brian wants to know the gender. He is being sweet and letting me have my surprise, but it is really killing him now. So, the tech said “Okay, I am going to get some pics of the gender, so close your eyes and I’ll tell you when to open them.” We both closed our eyes, and it went like this:

Brian: “So, you can see it right now?”
Tech: “Yes.”
Brian: “So you know what it is?!?!?!”
Tech, laughing: “Yep.”
Brian: “So you saw if it was a boy or a girl?”
Tech, still giggling: “Yes.”
Brian: “So you definitely know?!?”
Tech: “Yes.”

God love him for not finding out to apease me. πŸ™‚ After the ultrasound, he did get excited thinking about ways he could come out of delivery and tell/surprise our families with boy/girl news. I think the thought of getting to do that is outweighing the chance to get to know the sex before hand.

This baby cooperated much better for the ultrasound than P ever did. We got some GREAT pictures of baby. So thrilled and cannot wait to meet this child, who many think looks just like big brother!


Baby 2 showing some flexibility with those legs in the air :)

Baby 2 showing some flexibility with those legs in the air πŸ™‚

Tiny foot

Tiny foot

Great shot of baby's face

Great shot of baby’s face



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