Family Vacation, Take 1

We left on Friday, June 7 for a little family vacation. My parents accompanied us to Dauphin Island, AL. I had never been, but my parents assured us that we would love it. And we did!

Our first stop was at my grandparents farm just outside of Columbus, MS. It serves as a nice stopping point on the way to the beach, as it’s on the way and makes for just a 4.5 hour drive the next day. Preston was a dream in the car, thanks to the DVD player my parents gave us for Christmas. That thing is a lifesaver! Even though he did watch Bob the Builder four times in row, we were all happy travelers.

Our rental house was great and cheap. No one has really discovered Dauphin Island yet, which makes it a great place to take little ones. The beaches were not crowded AT ALL, and since there are only a handful of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, those are also not crowded. But we only ate out one meal the whole time we were there, and cooked the rest of the nights. We rented bikes and a trailer for P to ride in, and enjoyed riding around the island.

My parents were so helpful with Preston, who showed us all just how fearless he is. While we loved having all that quality time with him, my goodness he is at a hard age. He doesn’t transition well from one activity to another, and definitely does not go with the flow. He really did command the attention of all four of us. We didn’t totally stick to his schedule, so I think some of it was our fault and then some of it was just being a two-year-old. I have to say though, that the majority of the time he was a little trooper.

It rained hard our first two days on the island and we even lost power our first night. We decided to drive to Fairhope, Point Clear and Foley to keep us busy on the rainy day. It was a fun little adventure! We visited the Grand Hotel where my parents honeymooned, and had fun exploring the hotel. I would love to go back and stay for a long weekend! It would be PERFECT for a girls trip or bachelorette party.

The rain broke just long enough for us to take P out to the beach at sunset. He was wild when he saw the ocean!

More to come on our little vacation…




Our house in Dauphin Island


Loved getting time to sit and watch him sleep. Such a sweet boy!


Enjoying the ocean

24 weeks pregnant with my hefty 2-year-old

24 weeks pregnant with my hefty 2-year-old




My dad and P at the Grand Hotel



The best soda shop in Foley, AL


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