Family Vacation, Take 2

We played and played on the beach. Preston learned a lot about how to play in the ocean. He would put his back to the waves and let them crash over him while keeping his head up. It was fun (and a little scary) to watch him. It was exhausting chasing and lifesaving while pregnant. Not going to lie, I was so sore at the end of most days.

Our routine ended up becoming – beach in the morning, back to the house for lunch and nap (usually we all napped or had down time), then something fun in the afternoon or back to the beach, then home for dinner and bed. This seemed to work well for Preston.

We visited the Estuarium on the island where P got to pet stingrays and crabs and see lots of his favorite sea life. This place was fabulous for a two-year-old. Everything was at his level and he loved it.

Thankfully, we were able to get some nice family pictures on the prettiest beach by the bird sanctuary on the island. Part 3 of our vacation coming up!



Petting the stingrays


Listening to the ocean


The men got to touch a horseshoe crab. P loved it! Brian said it felt like a toothbrush on his hand.


P discovering hermit crabs. He could have played with them all day!


I love this picture, because my brother Mark always stood like this as a little boy. So cute!


2 years and 4 months old




Preston with his Mook and Mimi


Beach wagon ride


What a bump!




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