Family Vacation, Take 3

Friday, June 14 we had to check out of our rental house. Brian and my dad were able to get a spot on a fishing boat, so my mom, P and I headed back to the farm house for the night. The men had a successful fishing trip thanks to a great snapper season this year.

They got to the farm around 1 a.m., and we let them sleep in some in the morning. Then we all got out and went out to the back property to check on my grandfather’s garden. We are always impressed with his abilities at his ripe (young) age! 😉 Preston had a blast running through the garden, using the hoe to dig dirt, and checking out the buds on the all of the veggies. He even got to sample the first of the blueberries.

We finally made it back home late Saturday afternoon, June 15. We had a wonderful vacation and loved all the time with Preston. We know it will probably be our last family vacation for a while, and we tried to soak in the one-on-one time with Preston. Such a special trip!


21.4 lbs in all


Checking out the vermillion and the white snapper. Dad waited to fillet them until P had gotten a good look. 🙂



We always eat the BEST meals at the farm.



He loves the farm! He gets so excited when we tell him we are going there.


Running through the dirt while Gramps observes!




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