Hello 3rd trimester! Are you sharing names?

B and I get this question a lot when it comes to the next baby.

This time, picking names was not easy. With Preston, we literally decided in 5 minutes, just a few days after we found out he was a boy at my 20 week appt. For this baby, we went through all the genealogy that my grandmother has worked so hard on to look at names. We talked about so many different names, and the reasons why we liked them.

This weekend, we picked THE names. With the royal baby being due this week, B looked at me last night and said “What if the royal baby is named one of the names we love?” I hadn’t thought about it, but decided it would probably be good to get our names out there beforehand. Haha! We are ridiculous. So, here are our final, decided names.

Margaret Camilla 
She would go by “Margo”
We chose this name because we love the uniqueness of Margo, and that it means “pearl.” Margaret was also one of those family names in the genealogy book. We also seriously considered the name Lucy, but Margo began to really steal my heart. Camilla was a no brainer. 🙂 Actually, while that is my name, it is also my mother’s and several other women’s names on my mom’s side.

Oliver Hayes
I have had Oliver on my short list for a while, but thought Brian wouldn’t like it. When he said “How about Oliver?” I was pretty happy. 🙂 We love Oliver, because it comes from olive branch, which we all know is a symbol of peace and new life. I also looked up St. Oliver (I know my friends are laughing at me for my love of Catholicism), and found that his feast day is the exact day we decided on the name Oliver. Meant to be! He is the patron saint of peace and reconciliation. Brian and I are so hoping for a peaceful baby (for any of you who met Preston anytime between the ages of 2 weeks and 5 months, you will understand why this is something we think about often!) Hayes is B’s middle name, so we like carrying that on as well.

So glad to have decided! In other baby news, I am officially in my 3rd trimester. 28 weeks! I still think it’s a boy and find myself daydreaming about Preston and Oliver and all the adventures they will have together. I love the combo of names so much, that I kind of want to write a book about their adventures. haha! 🙂

This picture kills me, but B made me take it. He said it embodies our life perfectly right now. The guy I married can be very subtly sweet – after taking this pic, I looked at it and said “UGGG, I look disgusting!” B’s response – “No you don’t. This is a moment in our lives you will want to look back on. P looking up at you, 2 years old, pregnant with another baby, all of us together in the playroom, toys and art all around us. We are going to miss this one day.” He’s right. Better embrace the pajamas, no make up, and full heart now. 🙂 I love B for what he REALLY sees. Such a sweetie!

image (50)

We also bought something for baby #2. Our first purchase for this child! My stalking of the Pottery Barn outlet finally paid off and I was rewarded with the PBK Comfort Grand Swivel Glider. It is dangerous to have this outlet just 3 miles from my house. I got this chair for $740 less than the online price, thanks to a low outlet price and got 10% extra off because of their July 4 sale. I must say, it is a pretty awesome (and gigantic) chair. We are moving our other rocker/glider to P’s big boy room because we still use it all the time to read books and P loves to sit in it. That rocker was actually an antique I had recovered and it was NOT the best for nursing.

photo (20)

My new chair! Need to wash the slipcovers and get the wrinkles out, but I am so excited about this purchase. It is going to make feedings so much easier. We also plan to change out some of the things in the room – ottoman, art, window treatments – depending on the sex of the baby. So, much of what we’ll purchase for baby 2 will come post-delivery. 🙂


We are starting to get excited about adding another child to our family. I did find out that my doc will not let me go past my due date of 10/9, so we should have a fourth family member sometime before then. I will schedule a c-section, but maybe this baby will decide to move head down (he/she has been breech or transverse the whole time) and then I might have a chance at a VBAC. Not getting my hopes up, and I’m completely fine with another cesarean. Either way, I just want a smooth delivery. Last time was crazy, and I just want a calm, peaceful environment without plastic surgeons, ENTs and 3 OB/GYNs. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello 3rd trimester! Are you sharing names?

  1. LOVE Margo! Margaret is a family name for us, too!! Congrats on deciding!! Your girl name very well could be the royal baby’s name! 🙂 You look fabulous and I can’t believe you are already into the last trimester!!

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