I love these summer days, but am sad to see them go so fast. I cannot believe it is almost over! P has been a blast this summer. I seriously love this age. He’s covered in bug bits and scrapes and bruises, but to us, it’s all signs of one fun-filled summer.It’s been a pretty mild summer, and we’ve even enjoyed a little “cold” front. It makes walking the neighborhood so enjoyable for this pregnant girl!

image (55)

We have kind of ventured into the world of potty training. He is completely leading it and is really only in it for the gummy worms. We aren’t getting stressed or pushy about it, but if he wants to go in the potty, he does. If he doesn’t, we say okay. I foresee potty training to be a long process, but I don’t have the time or energy to get too worked up about it. He won’t go on himself forever, right? But my goodness, does he look cute in his big boy underwear?! I also won’t be sharing any details of potty training, because I am pretty sure NO ONE wants that about themselves on the internet. I see these Facebook statuses detailing every accident/success and can’t believe people share that!

We’ve had fun with friends lately, too. P spent some time with his second cousins a few weekends ago. They are just adorable together!

image (51)

I went to Golf Shores, AL for a little girls weekend with two of my closest friends and it was awesome. Seriously, we had the best time together. All of us needed a break and to spend quality time together was just the best. Hopefully, we can do it annually! I am pretty sure I was the only pregnant person at Florabama, but it was definitely a funny memory. Since all of us are moms, we kept commenting how nice it was to NOT have to lug 1,000 things to the beach, lifeguard, or go in for nap time. 🙂

image (54)

image (53)

photo (21)

29 weeks on the beach. Just before the skies opened up and took away our first beach day.

I have read a total of one book this summer – Lean In. I highly recommend it. It is SO good and so encouraging to women and mothers. As someone who loves working and loves my career, I do struggle a lot with guilt for loving it. While this book reads a bit like a research paper, it provided data to back up many of my feelings.There were many things that struck a chord with me, and I think I needed to read it at this point in my life.

We are also working on P’s big boy room and hope to have it finished by the end of August. Brian is also building P a train/lego table for his big brother gift/big boy room gift and I think it is going to turn out great. P is excited about his room and I think will do fine with the transition.

I haven’t been great about taking pictures lately, but hope to do better! P starts in the 2s class at his preschool in a couple weeks, and school will be up and going and summer camp ending. So hard to believe how time is flying, but we are enjoying the last few weeks of summer together. 🙂


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