Our World Lately

I’m 33 weeks pregnant.

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Nesting mode has definitely hit, and I have a fun post to show some of the stuff Brian and I have been doing around the house. We’ve done a big boy room, rearranged a nursery, cleaned out the garage so a car can actually fit in it and done a couple other little projects. We made a to-do list back in early July and Brian really enjoyed crossing through about half of it Sunday night! 🙂

I am getting SO excited about this baby. Really excited. For anyone considering not finding out the sex of their child, I highly recommend it so far. Advantages:

1. I’ve bought nothing for this baby. Part of that is because we have what we need, but the amount of $$ saved is pretty great.

2. Having experienced a rocky delivery with P, I’m actually excited about delivery day. I love that I can focus on finding out if we’re having another son or a daughter that day, and not what is actually happening! Child birth isn’t that bad, but the anticipation after having not the best first experience can be a bit much.

3. It’s driving Brian absolutely insane. Some days, he is actually kind of mad at me because he is dying to know boy or girl. It is funny to torture him. I would actually be okay with him knowing and me NOT knowing, but neither one of us trusts that he wouldn’t let it slip.

Aside from all things baby, we said goodbye to Brian’s youngest sister Brittany. She is off to college at my alma mater and I couldn’t be more excited for her. We had a little family cookout at our house the night before she left. I know she’ll have an awesome time, but it was sad to see her say bye to P and know she won’t be here to meet the baby right away.


Speaking of Preston, he recently started 2K at his same preschool. He moved one room down, but this is real preschool. We get these awesome Friday letters from his teacher that tell us everything he did that week, on top of daily updates. His first day was a bit rough, but he is adjusting wonderfully!

First day of 2K.

First day of 2K.

His potty training has been going fairly well, although I now know that potty training is a several month process. Sorry, maybe I’m not hardcore enough, but I am just not the type push it. He is leading the process and we couldn’t be prouder of him. He is starting to kiss my belly a lot and talk about the baby. It’s really the first time he seems to be a tiny bit aware of what’s to come. He has been saying “Margo” and “baby sister” a lot, which is funny because this entire time he has only said “it’s a boy”. We shall see!

Preston has some of the cutest 2nd cousins on his dad’s side. They are all close in age, which makes the holidays and birthday parties so fun. We attended P’s cousin’s Eva’s 3rd birthday party and it was a blast. He had an awesome time, and sweet little Eva was so excited it was her birthday. They are adorable together. P cracked us up because he was so excited about the party that he wanted to take his nap at Eva’s house so he could be over there sooner. Patience is tough when you’re 2!

Preston and the birthday girl, Eva.

Preston and the birthday girl, Eva.

Cute cousin Henry.

Cute cousin Henry.

So proud of his snake!

So proud of his snake!

Preston got his face painted for the first time. He chose a snake!

Preston got his face painted for the first time. He chose a snake! His cousin Campbell is in the background.

Preston and his cousins Sarah Mae and Eva with Aunt Becky.

Preston and his cousins Sarah Mae and Eva with Aunt Becky.

Hopefully I’ll have a fun house post coming soon. 🙂


One thought on “Our World Lately

  1. You are looking great Cami! I don’t think I could handle not finding out the sex unless I already had one of each, but I do think it’s a fun idea. It will make for such an exciting day!

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