Preston Says…

“Mommy, do we have this book in Chinese?”
– Preston said this totally randomly, while holding up one of his favorite books

“Daddy, can I go to school today?” – Preston
“Yes, Preston, you can.” – Brian
“Are we going to the school with lots of kids or the school with no kids?” – Preston
– our church expanded their preschool and renovated and we toured it after church on Sunday. He was asking if we were going to his regular preschool with all his friends, or the empty preschool we toured šŸ™‚

While driving home from school…
“Mommy, we went on a bear hunt today at school! And the bear jumped out and he said ROAR!” – Preston
“Well that sounds so exciting. Does the bear live at your school?” – Me
“Sometimes.” – Preston
I start singing “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going on a bear hunt…
Preston yells “Stop singing dat! The bear isn’t in our car! That’s not right!”


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