Thankful at 35 Weeks

I was driving home from work, and I realized I had about five pictures of me pregnant with baby #2 and they are all on my iPhone. Stark contrast from baby #1. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, because I really wanted to document this pregnancy better than that. I’m regretting not taking more pictures.

Brian has been incredible lately. I can’t thank him enough. He is really going above and beyond in the patience department when it comes to the nesting instinct that is firmly planted in me.  He even came home on his lunch break to dig through our attic in search of the Medela breast pump, and called me proudly at work to tell me he searched every box in the attic and it was in the last box he checked. He has painted walls, trim and furniture. As if all that was not enough, he grabbed my camera tonight before dinner and snapped some pics of my pregnant belly.

Husbands are awesome. Especially mine. Thanks, honey!

IMG_3624 copy

IMG_3631 copy

IMG_3632 copy

And just for a little comparison, here I am pregnant with Preston at 35 weeks. 🙂 Aren’t our bodies just amazing?


I had a lot more swelling with Preston, and am so glad that this time around, I can still wearing both my engagement ring and wedding band.

Just one month to go. 🙂 We’re ready to meet you, #2.


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