P’s Big Boy Room

First, something funny he said last Friday night at the CBHS football game.

Announcer at the game: “CBHS calls a time out.”
Preston, loudly, for the surrounding fans to hear: “UH OH!!!” πŸ™‚

Onto his big boy room. It’s a good thing we have a baby coming into the nursery, because it was pretty bittersweet to move him into a big boy room. I think I really would have been sad. He absolutely loves his room and it is becoming one of our favorite rooms in the house.

The nursery is directly across from our bedroom, making middle of the night feedings much easier. P is now down the hall from us. It is actually the largest bedroom in our house. We don’t really know how big it is, but our guess is 22 x 17? We really thought about what we wanted to do, and while we are not one for “themes” we just put things in the room that P loves. We are so happy with how it turned out.

We are also not very gutsy when it comes to paint, but I think we went outside of our normal comfort zone on the trim. I have been loving Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray so much on the two spindle beds I thrifted, that we decided to paint the whole trim that color. It is masculine and modern and we love it. We went with Benjamin Moore’s White Diamond on the walls.

Here are the before pics of the room at the time we purchased our house (previous owners stuff! Eww on the window treatments!)


Left side of the room. Hard to tell from this picture, but the trim in here was mustard.


This is the right side of the room from the doorway.

Here is the room now…







Ikea hack for the nightstand. Google Ikea Rast and see all the cool things people have done with this basic nightstand. We totally copied an image we saw and bought some cute construction knobs on Etsy.


We put up a little bulletin board and I covered it with some fabric we had for P to display some of his artwork. We already have SO much from preschool last year and this year, so it was hard to choose a few of my favorites. πŸ™‚

We have his toddler bed in there for now, because he is happy sleeping in it. One transition at a time. πŸ™‚ We pile up on the spindle bed and read books before bed. It also serves as a good place to get him dressed in the morning and still put the nighttime diaper on.

The maps hanging on the wall were a little DIY project. We followed this tutorial and found the maps at an estate sale. I love them because they show all the countries where Preston’s family comes from – Italy, Eastern Europe, etc. – so that is kind of neat to us. Β There might also be a big brother gift in the works that will go in his room – Ana White’s Train Trundle. Georgia has a bye week this weekend, so that means I temporarily get my husband back for on Saturday this fall. πŸ™‚ He plans to finish it and it will go under the big bed. I’ll be watching the UT/Oregon game. πŸ™‚

The biggest victory with this room is that we officially have no more mustard trim in our house. WOO HOO! It only took almost 3 years to get rid of it all, but Brian and I will be perfectly happy if we never have to paint any trim again. πŸ™‚

We are waiting to finish the nursery until we know if it’s a boy or a girl, so that probably won’t happen for another month or two. We need a rug and window treatments mainly. I’ll share when we finish it!


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