First Couple Weeks Home with Margo

The day after Margo’s birthday was the Georgia vs. Tennessee game. We dressed Margo in her house divided outfit my mom made for her. 🙂


The day was pretty quiet. We hardly had any visitors, other than my aunt Amy and Brian’s best friend Robert, and it was a nice change of pace from the day before. Breastfeeding was going swimmingly thank goodness and Margo was latching easily and seeming to get enough to satisfy. Thank goodness for that! Of course some soreness accompanied, but nothing like that I experienced last time. Milk came in much quicker too, just 4 days post-birth, making for an engorged mom but very happy baby. All in all, I am so thankful that was and still is going so easily.

We were pretty ready to get out of the hospital. I was healing quickly and feeling well, so we asked if we could be discharged Sunday morning. My doctor agreed and Margo’s pediatrician signed off, so we were home by noon Sunday. We dressed Margo in an adorable going home outfit that my best friend Robyn surprised us with in the hospital. I could not have picked a better outfit myself! So thankful!





We arrived home to Preston and my dad playing in the backyard. It was a pretty easy adjustment coming home that day, since I was healing well, P was happily playing with family, and Margo was sleeping. Margo pretty much slept through her first week of life. When she did have wakeful moments, she would happily gaze for an hour or two and drift back off to sleep, not making a peep. Brian and I were nervous, since this was not how our first baby was at all – but just another good lesson to us that all babies are different.

I got to snuggle both babies later that day and what a happy moment it was for me! Yes, I am looking rough, but how amazing are our bodies? I can’t believe both of these children came from ME.


The best part was that Brian took a week of paternity leave. We continued to take Preston to school, so we had the days for just the three of us. It was WONDERFUL. We just soaked up our sweet Margo, who slept at night and didn’t make a peep during the day. We ran errands, out for ice cream, decorated her nursery, and just had a great time with each other. Of course, I love Brian, but having a week to ourselves at home with our new baby was truly one of the greatest weeks of my life. We were both sad when he had to return the following Monday.

While we were enjoying the week, we noticed someone had left a train table out on their curb for the trash to pick up. Brian and I could not resist checking it out, and were surprised to see it was in excellent condition. With a little disinfecting, we surprised Preston with it as an impromptu big brother gift. He LOVES it.


We had lots of visitors the first week we were home. It was great to see everyone’s reactions to us having a girl! My grandparents came in from Alabama, we had lots of friends and family stop by, and Brian’s sister Brittany came home from Knoxville on her fall break.




I have more pictures I need to get off my camera and share in the next post. Also coming is a little video I made on Margo’s birthday, and more about her perfect personality!


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