Two Months

Another month has flown by. Margo, you are two months old.


I took you for your two month shots and you handled them like a champ. You weigh 10 pounds, 2 ounces and are 22 inches long. You are 25th percentile for everything and we are thankful for that. You weigh a whole pound more than your brother at this stage (that is a difference we can thank reflux for).


The majority of your second month, you have stayed our easy baby. Week 8 was a bit of a doozy. You were a tad uncomfortable and experienced some tummy troubles, but thankfully it passed. At night, you have a bit of a witching hour and finally fall asleep around 10 p.m. Then you wake for a quick feed around 3 and sleep until around 7. Totally manageable!


Your eyelashes are filling out and they are long and pretty. You are smiling a lot and I even got a little laugh out of you the other day. So cute! You are cooing more and more and are awake more during the day.


You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and were quite the trooper as we dragged you around the city to visit all your relatives. Your mom’s friend Adrianne made an adorable dress for you, and it was perfect for Thanksgiving.



You are really starting to fill out your clothes and put on some weight. Your clothes are adorable, and I love picking out your outfits each day.



We are looking forward to your baptism that is coming up and of course, your first Christmas. I can’t believe how time is flying by. Your mom is LOVING her maternity leave with you and will be sad to return to work. I know it is for the best for both of us and our family, but I will miss our one on one time.


Margo, you are an absolute doll and our dream come to life. We love you so much and love seeing you become more alive everyday. We are so glad you are ours! Happy two months!

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