We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. The kids did great, considering we had lots of relatives to see that day all over town. For the first time in a very long time, really as long as I can remember Thanksgiving, we did not go to our family farm in Alabama. My brother and his wife were in town from Charlotte and with a newborn in tow, the logistics were more than we could handle. We missed my grandparents a lot and it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving without them. On the brighter side, lots of relatives got to meet Margo for the first time and we loved that. Also, my friend Adrianne made the sweetest dress for Margo and it was perfect for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful day and I am so proud of Preston and Margo for being so flexible that day. Watching Preston run around like crazy with his cousins over at the Fields’ was probably the highlight for me. So great to have little ones around on the holidays!

chando family

Chando Family!



This is a CAKE! Pretty amazing, huh?



Joe & Danielle



Mark & Melissa, home from Charlotte



Preston got to play with my first cousin, Melanie.


There is nothing sweeter to me than these two together!



Margo meeting Mrs. Jackson!



The girl cousins on the Fields side – Margo, Campbell, Sarah Mae, and Eva


Love this guy!


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