Margo’s Baptism

We celebrated Margo’s first sacrament in the the Catholic church on December 15. She was baptized at our church, St. Louis, in front of nearly 40 of her family members and godparents.

Her baptism was so special and she could not have been a more perfect baby. When the priest poured water on her head, she didn’t even make a peep. She wore the same gown Preston and I were baptized in, and all of our names are hand stitched on the inside by my mom. My mom made the gown for me when I was a baby.

After the baptism, we headed back to our house for dessert and drinks. It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful girl. Brian and I talked afterwards about what a special day it was for us, and how special baptisms are in general. We love her so much, and look forward to watching her grow up in our faith and church.






Blessings from the godparents over Margo



Daddy’s job was to hold the baptismal candle. When the priest handed it to Brian, Preston said “What’s my job?” and daddy told him it was to hold the candle with him. 🙂


Part of the baptism is a blessing over the mother and then the father. One of my favorite parts.



A picture with the godparents, Blake and Kristy. Both of these people mean so much to us for various reasons, and I love that they get to have a special relationship with Margo.


My mom and our cake guy surprised us with a gingerbread house of OUR house for the party and to enjoy through Christmas. Such a neat gift and Preston loved it, of course. Brian and I were pretty amazed too. Even the back of the house looks just like ours. So cool!



Her monogrammed cake





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