Four Months Old


You are four months old!


And still the sweetest, easiest baby to ever exist! At 4 months, you weigh 12 pounds, 9 ounces (50%) and are 25 inches tall (75%). Long and lean sister!


You are belly laughing now, which is just the best. I die over this video of you laughing at your brother:

You are an awesome sleeper, usually sleeping 10 – 12 hours each night. You were sick last week and a little this week and that messed with your sleep, but you usually get yourself back on track pretty easily. You still don’t love naps so much, but since you are such a great sleeper at night, we aren’t complaining. You are slowly learning to take a morning nap in your crib, but prefer arms for the afternoon nap. 🙂


Your blonde hair is starting to come in more and your eyes are still a very pretty blue. You are such a smiley baby, and love to coo.


You are rolling over now, and like to practice it all the time. You are great with tummy time and push yourself up pretty well.


People have said you look like me and it makes me so happy! You are still mostly breastfed, but will take anything we give you. I discovered a supplement that I take in addition to fenugreek, and I think it helps. It is called Moringa. After researching it, it sounded interesting to try, and I think it is making even more of a difference in terms of my supply. The doctor gave us the green light for rice cereal, so we may start that soon. I have a feeling your first birthday will be here before we know it.


Oh how we love you, Margo! You are so fun and we love watching you grow. Just slow down a little, okay?

Love, Mom and Dad


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