P’s Toy Story Birthday

Winter birthdays this age can be tough. We wanted to invite his class friends, since P has been to so many of their parties this year, and when they can’t play outside, we quickly outgrow our house. We decided to rent the Little Gym and Preston asked for a Toy Story theme. Easy enough!

There were SO many kids there. The majority of the time, Preston had fun. We had a few meltdowns, mainly due to a bad fall he took, but other than that he had fun and his friends had a great time.


I made a little banner to hang in the party room. I am not crafty at all, but was just happy to have this put together in time for the party.



Some of P’s school friends enjoying the parachute.



Preston is at the stage where he is not into taking pictures. 😦 This was the best I could get with him!


Preston and Vivian


About to blow out his 3 candles!


Toy Story cupcakes from Sam’s… 30 for $14. Can’t beat that! They were good too.


Roni and Avery enjoying their cupcakes


For the favors, I found an Etch a Sketch picture online, and then added some text in Photoshop for the tags. Then I put some popcorn in a Toy Story plastic cup, tied it with twine, and voila!


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