Birthday and Valentine

Brian’s birthday was Wednesday. In honor of his birthday and Valentine’s day, I am writing a few things I love about him at the moment (aside from his good looks, charm and of course his humor):


 – Watching him care for our children. It gets me every time. Especially now that Margo has arrived. He couldn’t be any sweeter with his little girl. Preston calls Brian his best friend. Every time Brian is not in the room, he asks me “Where my best friend go?”


 – I love how, when things are feeling tough at home, kids crying, supper not made, walking in the door at 6 p.m. from our jobs, and I give him the “I can’t take much more” look, he always says to me “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody.”


– I love how he is starting to be able to read my mind. Literally. It took almost 6 years of marriage, but I swear he is starting to read my mind. Because of this, he is starting to be able to think two steps ahead of me. With everything I am juggling at the moment, I can’t imagine living without this.

– After the kids go to bed, we have a bit of downtime and then look at each other and say “what do we need to do?” I love how he has been dividing tasks with me and never complains about it.

Dancing at a birthday party

Dancing at a birthday party

– We were talking the other night about how no one understands our mundane life but us. I love that. That the two of us have created our own life, family, routine, solutions, plans, and no one else quite knows what that’s like. That might sound strange, secretive or sappy, but it’s the part of marriage I was excited for. We’ve found it and it is so special. I love sharing that with Brian.

– I love how he is the one that makes us get up, get dressed and go to church.

– I love how he is also the first one up the morning and gets Preston dressed every morning. Even before we had Margo, he did this and it is a huge help. I won’t mention how he nags me to get out of bed and shower 🙂 I would stay in bed all morning if he didn’t force me to get out.

– He makes sure I have downtime. As someone who works full-time, has two children, and does countless other tasks for our family, he always make sure I have girl time, hairdresser time, alone time, etc. He talks about how we make “deposits” for each other, and it is so true. I try to make sure he has HIS time and he makes sure I  have MY time.

I love you, Brian. You are the best!

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I have to also share the Valentine’s Preston made this year. He got really into it. The child LOVES projects and this was a perfect one for him. I made the little tags that said “Bear Hugs! Happy Valentine’s Day!” and Preston filled them with gummy bears and Teddy Grahams for his 13 classmates. We got his teachers some Burt’s Bees lotion and added a tag that said “You’re the Bees Knees.” He is having a party at school today and was so excited to bring in his homemade Valentine’s. He carried the big bag in by himself and proudly handed them to his teacher.




I completely spaced on Margo’s teachers, but thankfully one of the room moms pulled through on a group gift via email discussion last night. I did dress her in a cute heart outfit for her first Valentine’s day. 🙂


Brian and I made reservations for dinner tonight to celebrate his bday and Vday at Local Gastropub in Overton Square, so we are looking forward to that. Should be a fun night!

I also wanted to document that Margo tried rice cereal for the first time yesterday. She spit out all of it, but it was a start! I mixed it with warm breastmilk thinking that would help, but she was still a little leery of it. I am not going to push it and we’ll take it slowly as she gets the hang of learning to eat/swallow thicker liquids. She is still an awesome baby and as cute as she can be! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




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