Margo is 5 Months

Wow, 5 months. Margo you are getting to be a big girl!


You are still a dream baby. In the sleep department, you have regressed a bit, as per normal for your age. It isn’t bad though. You are still not much of a napper, but you are getting better. You will take a short morning nap in your crib, but that’s about it during the day. At night, you go to sleep at 8 and on a good night, sleep til 6 or so.


You went to Nashville with me for Megan’s baby shower and you were perfect the whole time. Slept the whole way there and back and visited with the girls at the shower. Too perfect for words!


You were playing happily and fell asleep on your playmat. Ha!

Some big developments this month. You started rice cereal and baby food mixed together and you LOVE it. You gobble it up. We are weaning from breastfeeding. Lots of reasons for this, which I won’t get into, but a part of me misses nursing you already.


You took your first bath with your brother recently. I can’t wait until you can sit better and we can bathe you together. It will be much easier than having to do two separate bath times.


You are just the happiest baby. So smiley. So much fun to be with. You just light up a room. You are becoming more and more aware of your surroundings and can grab toys much better and track objects.


You are not a very active baby. You are much more content to hang out and watch everything going on around you. You are starting to like teething toys and want to put everything in your mouth. The drool is in full force.


Oh Margo, you are still just the most precious little girl. We can’t believe how quickly you are growing. What a joy you are!




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