The Kids are All Right

Everyone is doing well in our household these days. Work has been crazy for both of us – We both had work trips and I was putting out fires left and right and had to stay late a few days. But our awesome children seem unfazed by it. I also turned 30, which was almost overlooked, just due to how busy we are. We did go on a date the week after my birthday to a nice dinner at Elfo’s. We got home just in time to rock the kids to sleep, which is pretty much what I live for.

P has had a few really good weeks at school, and we are hopeful he is coming out of his sibling-itis.


That boy is hysterical. He says the funniest things lately. Some of my favorites recently are:

Preston: Let’s play hide and go seek.
Me: We always play that… how about Simon Says?
Preston: Okay. Simon Says you go hide and I’ll find you.

Another example…

Me: Stop! Come here and let me tie your shoes. You’ll trip and fall.
I bend down to tie his shoes. Preston puts his hands on my head.
Preston: I love your soft hair. 🙂

And one more…

Me: Hi Preston! How was your nap? Did you have any dreams?
Preston: Good and yes I did! There was a baby dinosaur. His whole face lights up.
Me: Really?! Was he good or bad?
Preston: He was SO cute and really good. And you know what? He didn’t even bite me! At this point, he is smiling ear to ear, borderline losing it with excitement.

And lastly, my FAVORITE…..

Robert Keller: Hey Preston, do you know who is on my shirt?
Preston looks at the picture of Memphis Grizzlies player Tony Allen on Robert’s shirt.
Preston: Um……… our Savior?
Brian: Robert, that is what a christian education buys your children. 🙂

ha! Where does he get this stuff?

And then there’s this angel baby.


Still as awesome as ever. I cannot believe her 6 month bday is quickly approaching. We’ll do the same we did for P. Make half a cake and have a little family celebration. Time is going so much quicker with her, that I am desperate to savor each moment I can.


She is a little doll! I’ve been having fun decorating her room and buying pink, gray and gold/mustard things and hope to share pictures soon. I just love having a little girl.


Preston is still just enamored with her and loves to make her belly laugh.


We are getting to the stage where she laughs at things we don’t want him doing. I didn’t think she would encourage bad behavior in him quite so soon, but she belly laughs when he jumps on furniture and throws toys in the air, or basically anytime he does something dangerous. Is this our future? If so, I am a little worried. Oh, but what angels they can be. (You don’t want to know how many takes it took to get the below picture before church last weekend!)


I wanted to share a picture Brian took of P playing in the snow a few weeks ago. They built a small snowdad, which they both thought was hilarious.


Then, the cold weather left and the warm weather came and we’ve been outside as much as possible. Thank goodness! We could not keep our busy 3-year-old indoors for much longer. SO excited for this spring, summer and fall with him, as he rides his big wheel and plays soccer more and more.


All in all, the kids are doing awesome, and while we are busy, life is still as rich as ever. We also put dates on our BIG kitchen remodel – June and July of 2015! Seems like a long ways away, but Brian and I are both big time planners (and savers!) and want to make sure we do this right. I long for the days when the project is over and we can finally have our family kitchen we are hoping for. Good things to come!



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