Babies Ruin Bodies

I thought having two children before I turned 30 would make a difference. Nope. I’ve read these blog posts and articles about how women should love their postpartum bodies because our bodies are amazing, yadda yadda yadda. While I think my body is amazing for growing and birthing two people, I am entitled to dislike the aftermath. After Preston’s birth, it wasn’t so bad – I mean, I wasn’t wearing a two piece bathing suit or anything, but that was more out of modesty. “I’m a mom now – I don’t want to flaunt my stomach.” While I didn’t LOVE my stomach mainly because of a few lingering stretch marks, it really didn’t look terrible.


Margo will be 6 months old on Friday, and unfortunately, I’ve still been experiencing a few nagging symptoms from her pregnancy and delivery. I had a check up with my OBGYN recently and spoke with her about my constant lower back pain, and how my stomach is sticking out kind of funny and unevenly since having Margo. When I touch my lower stomach, it feels weird, almost like there are gaps and hard spots. I didn’t have any of these symptoms with Preston’s pregnancy and delivery. She immediately gave me a diagnosis.

Diastasis Recti. A lovely name that basically means “ab separation.” As your uterus stretches during pregnancy, it can sometimes cause your abs to separate widely causing back pain, discomfort, and your belly to just look strange. All the exercises that you THINK would improve ab strength and core strength should be avoided with diastasis (crunches, pilates, planks, etc.), at the risk it might make it worse. However, from my minimal research, it seems that there are some exercises and stretches that can help the issue. There is no real way to prevent it all together in pregnancy, and it is MUCH more common in 2nd, 3rd, etc. pregnancies. I chose to write about it, because it is fairly common. I had never heard of it, and thought maybe sharing about it would be a good thing.


I am tired of the back pain mostly, and want to work to make it better. It seems like the only time in my whole day that I could fit in exercising is after the kids go to sleep. Sure, I am tired, but I am MORE tired of my back hurting and feeling weak all the time. This will be tough for me, not going to lie. I have always been one of those people that by eating low calorie and healthy (lightly following Weight Watchers), which I have been choosing to do for about 6 years now, I can maintain a low weight and stay healthy without the need for real exercising. So, the work begins. No one ever said this mom stuff was easy. 😦


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