1/2 a Year


You have been with us half a year! Happy 6 months baby girl!

Your checkup showed that you are 26 in tall (50%) and 15 lb 12 oz (50%). Dr. Bubba said you are a healthy girl!


SO hard to believe how quickly time is flying with you. You are such a happy, smiley baby. I could go on for days about your sweet disposition. Everyone that meets you just talks about how sweet you are, and it is so true. I still cannot believe we have a baby that is portable, easy going, and I actually WANT to run errands with you because you are FUN to bring along. How crazy is that?! The other night, I realized it had gone an hour and a half past when you were supposed to eat, and you didn’t even care! You were happy when I pulled out the bottle, but it just goes to show what a calm, cool baby you are.


One thing I love about you is that you are super flirty with your dad. You coo and smile and act shy with him. It is seriously adorable!


Your brother is still the funniest person in the world to you and does all kinds of antics to make you laugh. He loves you so much and frequently tells you so. You also truly love me – you are SO happy when you see me and give me the biggest smiles of all. 🙂


Some big developments this month are:

You can really roll. It is funny because if you want something that is on the other side of the room, you roll and roll and roll and roll until you can get close to it. You can go pretty fast too! You sort of try to get in a crawl position, but it is more like you are swimming  – sticking your arms and feet in the air like you are flying. You do not sit unassisted yet, and you don’t have any teeth yet, but I think in the coming months we will really start to see your physical developments grow (and hopefully more hair! you are still pretty bald). I cannot believe your brother was crawling so well at this stage. It is just amazing having two children and seeing how you grow and develop so wonderfully differently! His 6 month post is here.


We enjoyed some little cakes for your half birthday! 🙂

You are happily eating baby food, which is very exciting. We are so glad you like everything and never gag. You’ve tried lots of veggies and fruit so far. One caveat to this, you are spitting up a lot recently! Ms. Angela, your main teacher at school, said that you have caused spots all over her rug with all the spit up! Ha! It wasn’t so bad the first few months of your life, but wow, it has increased in volume and frequency. She thinks you have reflux and maybe you do a little. You don’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. You are trying to hold your bottle and you will for the first half of it, then get tired of holding it. We may try giving you a sippy cup soon and see how you do.


In the sleep department, you are still doing pretty well but have your nights of sleeplessness every now and then. I think mostly because of growth spurts recently, but overall we can’t complain.


You like your Sophie the Giraffe, when we read books, and you like this little fairy doll that Preston always brings you. You are passing toys back and forth in your hands and becoming more and more aware and alive each day.


We absolute adore you Margs! You are everything this momma dreamed of and more. We love you and have loved this half year with you. Cannot wait to watch you grow!



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