Funny Little Boy

Preston has reached an all-time high in hilarious comments lately. His verbal skills are blossoming and he is able to articulate so well. There are so many things I love about the age of 3 and the funny dialogue is probably at the top of the list. I find myself wishing I had a video camera running at all times to record his sweet little boy voice, and his sayings. He talks all the time.

photo 1

If anything, it shows me what a sponge small children are. I even hear my intonation in his words. He will say “Seriously, I loved it.” He uses “seriously” every now and then and it makes me smile every time. Mostly, he will repeat things he has heard, like when I say “Yes, you can have that.” He says “Say yes sir, mommy.” Or he’ll ask me a question or say something to me, and if I didn’t hear him or respond, he’ll say “Excuse me, mommy, but I was talking to you!” with a very stern sound. I know this is the foundation of speech, but man does he sound disrespectful at times. he can’t comprehend yet how his words sound, or how you only say “Yes sir” to grownups and not little kids. He’ll get it one day, but it makes us snicker from time to time.

The flip side of that is that he is becoming better at expressing his emotions. He frequently tells us how he is feeling, and we like to talk about our feelings. I am determined to have sensitive and thoughtful children who are never afraid to tell me how they feel (good or bad), and the earlier we can foster that, the better. Even if he may not understand it, I talk to him about seeing “shades of gray” and “walking in someone else’s shoes”. A recent example: He was saying his prayers and mentioned several of his friends, but left one out. I said “What about ____?” He said, “I don’t want to pray for him, because he pushed me last week.” I asked what happened, and we talked about it. I told him that ____ should have been the first friend he named to pray for, and that they can still be friends and that ___ is still a good person and maybe was just having a bad day. P told me when he got to school Monday, that he was going to hug him and play with him. I could not have been more proud of P for putting all of that together, and I also had a moment of “Whoa. I’m really a parent, aren’t I?” that felt strange.


He has also been all. about. Brian. He wakes up in the middle of the night begging for Brian to get in bed with him (another pro of Preston sleeping in a full size bed). He wants Brian all the time. They had a Dad’s night at school recently with  a pirate theme. Brian went all out and dressed P in a pretty intuitive costume from stuff he found around the house.

Preston wanted a mustache painted on him at the party. He was obsessed with it and every 2 minutes kept asking “Is my mustache still there?” In the bath tub that night, he begged to not wash off his mustache. We had to and he was not happy about it. The next morning at 6 a.m., he came in our room after just waking up and said “Is my mustache still there?”





Brian competed recently in a cook-off. He and his childhood friends do it every year. Last year, B placed 2nd in the “anything but” category and 2nd in the ribs competition. This year, he teamed up with cousin Matt and while everyone agreed that they would have won the “anything but” competition, they turned it in “30 seconds past time” – boo! In the ribs, they got 2nd. I brought the kids up there since Preston was asking ALL DAY if he could go see Daddy, so we headed to Robert’s to see them.

Preston could not eat enough ribs – he loved them! Brian’s dad was up there hanging out too. It was a fun afternoon! Preston was running around like crazy with all of Brian’s friends, throwing footballs, being thrown in the air, etc. He had the time of his life. After we got home, he asked if he could go to Robert’s house tomorrow.





We are so thankful for the nice weather we’ve been having. P has been able to play outside a lot and that has just been good for his overall mood. He seems to be the only member of our family who is not crippled by allergies, which is interesting because usually it bothers him. We went to our church fish fry Friday night and afterwards, let P play on the playground there. He can climb anything!

photo 2


What a blessing little boys are!


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