Easter Weekend & Margo’s First

What a full weekend it was. Picture overload!!! First, a cute pic from Margo’s Easter party at school on Thursday.

photo 2

I took Friday off since the kids were out of school and it was a great day to be home with them. I organized the kitchen, the kids closets and soaked up playtime with them. It was so meaningful and great. It does my heart good to spend that quality time with them. We did a little neighborhood Easter egg hunt with a few families that could make it. A 16-year-old in our neighborhood wanted to organize for the kids (sweetest teenager ever!) and she did an awesome job. So thankul for her!

photo 1

I stole a few pics from my friend/neighbor Kirsten!



My child is fearless! We walked to the egg hunt. P got tired when it was time to go, and I carried him on my back home and pushed Margo in the stroller. Great workout! Ha!

Saturday, Brian played golf while we had cousin playtime. Love those cuties! Marley, Brian’s cousin, and I had the best time hanging out with each other and talking, and letting the kids play.


Couldn’t catch busy Mr. Henry for a picture! 🙂

Saturday night my dad and brother Mark, who is back in Memphis now job hunting (Melissa is coming back to join him soon – just finishing up obligations at her job), joined us for dinner and egg dying. I am so thrilled they are coming back to Memphis – we have missed them!!




I think I have decided that Easter is my favorite holiday. It always fills my heart with so much reflection about what life is truly all about. The ending of Lent, the changing season, the reminder of hope and light in the world. It’s more laid back, not as many expectations on us. And of course, the Easter bunny who brought a few happies to the kids, the adorable outfits and the FOOD. Ham is my most favorite meal. 🙂

Sunday we had the kids dressed in their Easter best.


MARGO EASTER 2014_edited-1





And the Easter bunny did in fact come! He brought P a soccer goal and soccer ball, and a a couple other small items – coloring book, bath toy, and Lego pad. He brought Margo another Aden & Anais sleepsack (my fav!), a Frozen book, and a Sophie the Giraffe.




Preston immediately went through Margo’s loot, too!

We made the last minute decision to have Preston sit with us at church. We ALWAYS send him to the nursery, but Easter Mass is crowded and packed and full of kids anyway, so we thought we would try. Margo slept in my arms through most of it and was easy, and Preston actually sat through the whole Mass perfectly. Brian and I were amazed! I love how sometimes your children can surprise you when you least expect it. It’s not that we didn’t think he could do it, it’s just that he gets bored and wants to talk and play (typical 3-year-old boy) and the nursery is much more fun for him at this stage.

Side story from this Easter: He has been telling us the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection a lot this week. He says “Jesus die on the cross. He lay in tha tomb and an angel came and said ‘He is not there!’ cause he rose from the dead!” He does a hand motion where he starts low and gently raises his hands to the sky for the “rose from the dead” part. Well, during the Homily, the priest said “Jesus rose from the dead….” and Preston whispered to Brian “See Daddy! I told you so!” It was adorable.

We showered P with praise after his perfect church behavior and headed for brunch at B’s parents house. We had a great time with everyone, playing and eating. Preston went pretty far past his nap and was asking for his bed, so we quickly left and headed back for a fast nap. Both kids slept for about an hour and half, and we woke them up (can’t believe we did that!) to head to my parents. More playing and eating. But what a day! Such a fun Easter for all.



It was SO warm on Easter this year, in the 80s, so Margo had a little outfit change to be cooler. :)

It was SO warm on Easter this year, in the 80s, so Margo had a little outfit change to be cooler. 🙂


The best we could get for a family pic!

The best we could get for a family pic!

I teared up several times throughout the day, because our children brought me so much joy. They looked so cute and behaved so beautifully. Brian and I said to each other hourly “I mean, LOOK at them!” and “Could they BE any more ADORABLE?!” Ha ha! When it all comes together, man does it feel good! Ha! Margo has started sitting unassisted and WAVES! She has the cutest little Miss America wave you have ever seen. She did it for several people Sunday and I melt into a thousand pieces each time she does it.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!


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