Seven Months


You are seven months old. What a month it’s been! Several firsts for you.


Your first tooth, which brought a bit of fever and fussiness, was really not bad at all for you. Amazingly, it popped through on the exact same developmental day as your brother’s first tooth and the exact same first tooth (bottom front left). It’s also brought a lovely little rash around your mouth. Unfortunately, you also got your first eye infection. In your pictures, you can still see some of the redness. Poor thing!


You still have not gotten in any type of crawl position or seem close to crawling, but you roll and squirm a whole lot to grab things nearby. You are sitting very well, and are starting to catch yourself better if you slump over. Speaking of squirming, you have really become much more feisty lately with your movements. Gone are the days where I could sit you in one spot and when I look back, you are still in the same spot. You also don’t have much of an interest to hold your own bottle either, ha!


You are still such a happy baby. You laugh the most at your brother.

You are starting to be a much better napper. You take a morning nap, and an afternoon nap at the same time as your brother and this is AWESOME.


You are an awesome eater. You love everything from veggies to fruit to pizza crusts, ha! We have let our kids gnaw on pizza crusts when they first learn to eat and they have both loved it. Brian bought some Mum Mums for you, so we’ll see how you handle that. You do this great “food laugh” – a sound you make only when you are hungry or when you see food you want. It’s easy to detect, and always makes us laugh.


You absolutely love bath time. You always have. You get the biggest grin and kick so happily in the tub.

You are FINALLY getting some hair, sister! Mommy can’t wait!!!


Your daddy was out of town on a guys weekend recently, and I took you and Preston to the zoo to meet your cousins. On the way driving, Preston was asking when daddy was coming home. You emphatically said “Dada!” I could not believe it. When Brian got home from the lake, I told him about it, and he smiled the biggest smile I’ve seen in a while. Daddy’s girl for sure!

Oh, Margo, you are such a sweetie. What did we ever do without you?! Happy seven months baby girl!

margo 7 mths


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