Family Update & Memorial Day

Preston is looking like such a big boy these days – long and lean – and conversing more and more. Brian and I sat in the screened porch and watched him play for a while the other day, and both of us just marveled over how much he’s grown recently. We’re amazed at the things he recalls, the events he remembers and brings up weeks later without prompting, and his physical development. His favorite thing to do lately is play soccer goalie, so there has been a lot of that, but he screams and pitches a fit if a goal is scored past him (which is precisely why we’re not signing up for 3 year old soccer). He is a competitive, determined little guy, and does not like to wait for instruction but wants to be instantly good at everything (wonder where he gets that). Brian has a lot of patience with him, and is working on teaching him all things boy – swinging a bat correctly, catching balls, etc. He’ll get it eventually.

The face of a 3 year old!

The face of a 3 year old!

He had his last day in the 2s class, and I would not be lying if I said that I am okay with saying goodbye to this year. It’s been a tough one with a lot of transitions for him and behavior stuff, but at the same time he has grown a lot, he’s potty trained, and he loves the sweet friends in his class. His teacher gave all the kids a DVD of pictures from the whole year as a parting gift, which I thought was a really sweet idea. The end made me cry!

We’ve signed him up for swim lessons this summer and I’m excited to see how that goes. He is fearless with water, and it makes me scared to death. For whatever reason, in my time working at a children’s hospital, I only took away a few cases/instances that affected me very deeply, and a child’s drowning was one of them. I think because there were adults all around, and the drowning was completely silent. Hopefully, swimming lessons might ease my fears and help Preston be a bit more cautious/aware around water.

We had a lovely and FULL Memorial Day weekend. We played with friends, family and ate more food than I care to divulge. We spent almost the entire weekend outside, got our first mosquito bits of the season, made a quick trip to Nashville and back in a day, Brian made his AWESOME ribs, and we enjoyed the company of some wonderful people. All in all, great weekend!


I took Friday off of work, and Preston and I headed to Nashville to meet Hurt’s new addition, baby Sophie. What a doll! We took her food and some happies. Preston did great there and back. So proud of him!


I’m loving that it is cute sundress weather!


Grilling and watching the Indy 500


The bacon explosion!



Pinterest smores – charcoal in an aluminum wrapped terra cotta flower pot. Much easier than a real fire!


After grill day, Brian cooked for me and my parents and brothers. It was so good! Later that day, we had our friends/neighbors, the Brasfields, over to play. We ate leftovers, our kids got FILTHY (and we did too), but we had the best time just letting them play (and not want to share – another perk of being 3!) All of these pics are unedited – just straight off the camera tonight!




A mosquito got my baby’s eyelid! It was awful, but we were glad that it went down and looked normal in just a few days.


The best we could get for a family pic!




They loved climbing up the slide and sliding down together. It was getting a bit dangerous, so we had to stop, but they thought it was hilarious!


FILTHY… good thing I buy him expensive monogrammed clothing! I have to say that, nothing makes me smile more than watching him have a blast – who cares about the dirt!


Playing with Caroline



This is hilarious. Tyler and Preston lost it when it was time to call it a night. Tyler was very upset, and Preston tried to reason with him. I’ll remind him of that the next time I say “It’s time to go” and he throws a tantrum.

We had an awesome weekend, and hope you did too!


One thought on “Family Update & Memorial Day

  1. Hudson LOVES to potty outside. In fact, that is the only time he will actually potty. If we are inside he will not go to the potty, and wet himself. Even when he is in the pool he gets out to go potty. We did swim lessons this year, and Hudson hated it, but it is amazing how much he learned in two weeks. We did the survival training, so if he falls in the pool he knows how to float on his back. My mom has a pool and I worry myself to death about him getting out of the house, and getting in the pool. He has no fear of the water.

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