Margo is 8 Months

Dear Margo,

You are 8 months old! I cannot believe how quickly your first year is going.


You are still just a dream baby in many ways, but this past month has been a little tougher than others.

You had your first double ear infection, your two bottom teeth have broken through and are about half way out, and you’re making a major developmental leap and CRAWLING.



All of these added up have led to a bit of fussiness, but truly you are still such an easy baby that “fussiness” to you is really not a big deal. It is making you wake up a lot earlier than usual, and Preston has been waking early too over the last few weeks. Usually all 4 of us are up around 5:45 every morning.


You are kind of addicted to your paci.


You are still enamored with Preston and Preston is enamored with you. We got lucky in that department! Preston makes you belly laugh, which is great and almost a bit frustrating, because it takes a lot of work for me or your daddy to make you belly laugh. But Preston just looks at you funny and you crack up. You smile all the time, but the belly laughs are saved for Preston I guess.


You are getting more and more hair, much to my delight. This month, I was able to put a real bow in your hair for the first time!!!!! 🙂


I am not sure how much you weigh these days, but you are definitely starting to chunk up. My guess is around 19 pounds. You are HEAVY to care around, especially at church. You sit with us every week in the pew and almost always fall asleep in my arms. You sleep through the whole service, and at the end, my arms are throbbing! Brian offers to take you, but I LOVE it when you sleep in my arms. I know it only lasts for a little while in your life and I’ll take all the moments I can get.


When it comes to eating, we have slowly started introducing finger foods instead of just the regular baby food. I wait until I have extra ripe bananas, and you like to mush it up and eat small pieces. You also like graham crackers. I might start introducing some puffs too. I bought some sweet potatoes that I plan on baking and mashing up a bit to see how you like that. You are not much of a go getter when it comes to eating. We put you in your high chair, and you just open your mouth and wait for us to place things in it – haha! So far, you don’t seem to have any issues with any food and happily take whatever we give you.


You are “talking” more and more. You say Dada a lot. I was leaving the house the other day to go for a run, said “Bye Bye Margo!” to you and you replied “Bah Bah!” and did a little wave. So precious! You are making more and more new sounds and babbling a lot.


A couple weeks ago, we had a little parent/teacher conference with your teacher, Ms. Angela, at school, and she praised you for all of your developments. You are one of the youngest in your baby class, and are developing along just beautifully with the other little ones. We are so pleased with your class and your teachers. It has been a wonderful experience and you light up when you see them.


Mommy has gone a little crazy and already started planning your first birthday party. I love doing birthday parties for you and your brother! I have the most fun with it. I’ve picked a theme and can’t wait to throw a fun party for you. I know you are just 8 months old, but you are such a sweetheart and deserve a fun first birthday party. 🙂


This coming month, you are spending your first night away from us on Friday (cue the major mommy anxiety!) and we’ll be outside a lot. In July, we’ve got two family trips and I can’t wait! We are going to have such a fun summer with you, Margo. The three of us love you and cannot believe how fast you’re growing!

Happy 8 months little one!



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