Full, full, full

That’s the only way to describe the last few weeks! And it’s only getting busier. I started an email to a friend the other day to get our families together, and realized there wasn’t a free day until mid-July! That is just nuts. I love this full season. The kids are going to bed late, baths are needed usually by lunch time, and I’m doing more laundry than ever before.

Preston is amazing me this summer. His abilities and fearlessness are abundant. At the end of most days, it looks like he has just stepped out of a shower because he is so sweaty. He doesn’t have an ounce of toddler left in him (well, for the most part – he’ll always be my baby), and he seems to have really gotten taller lately.

photo (8)

And Margo. Oh my goodness. She is on the move!! She is becoming more and more mobile by the day and trying to pull up. She hasn’t mastered it all yet, but you can tell she is on the verge. She has no interest in picking up food, but she loves smearing it everywhere. 🙂


My pictures consist of mostly iPhone snapshots these days, as my children actively try to touch/break my nice camera every time I pull it out. Here’s a quick update on what is going on these days…

Lifestyle Changes

photo (9)

I’ve been running every chance I get. I love the control I have in running – I can mentally challenge myself to push and push and at the end I am just dead OR I can jog, thinking and taking in my surroundings. To fit it in, I either get up really early before anyone else in my house (honestly, that has happened three times – I hate getting out of bed!), go on my lunch break (perk of working next to my house!), or go on my lunch break with my work running group (there are 4 of us that run together on Tuesdays and Thursdays) or during the kids naps on the weekends. I don’t want my new found focus on myself to become anyone else’s inconvenience, so I’ve tried to make the time for it when it doesn’t cut into family or work time. I’m training for a half marathon in October, and I’m pretty excited about the path to get there. Even more so than the actual race. I’m using a modified version of this training regime. I’ve also been using MapMyRun, so friend me if you are a runner too!

The running has led to eating healthier. I’ve been doing a bit of research about processed foods and hormones in foods and recently befriended a new coworker that is raw vegan. Such an interesting perspective on food. While I  have never been one to think processed foods or non-organic is all that bad (usually when people talk about it I roll my eyes), but I never really studied it. It’s been interesting, to say the least. Here’s a good article to get you started. Now, here’s one on plastics in processed food and another on the impact of the sodium levels in them as well. We’ll see where that goes, but I have a sudden craving to load up on organic fruits and vegetables and antibiotic free, hormone free, cage free meats. I’ve also been looking into ways to cut Preston’s sugar intake. I got eMEALS for Mother’s Day last year and we are on the Whole Foods plan. I LOVE it and highly recommend it! Helps keep your spending in check!

photo (10)

We have started making our own bread and borrowed my parents bread machine. I grew up eating homemade bread and it is truly better than anything you can buy in the grocery store and has zero sugar. Preston loves helping me in the kitchen these days!

Summer Fun

Saturday was crazy! Brian and I got up early, took the kids to the zoo and then to lunch in midtown. After lunch, we went to P’s favorite park for a little while and then home for naps. When they woke up, we met our cousins at the Redbirds game! They were troopers all day. At the game, they were wild and crazy and wanted to eat everything in sight. We sat on the bluff, and Margo kept rolling down the hill! It was pretty funny. We stayed the whole game and at the end we watched the fireworks show. Margo sat in my lap and I covered her ears, although it was only loud at one, quick portion. Preston loved it! We had a fun time together, like always!

image image_1 image_3

Brian and I went to the PGA golf tournament for a little lunch time date. My company had a skybox with food and drinks, and it was a really nice setup. We had a great time! We tried to go back on Sunday and even hired a babysitter, but the tourney ended sooner than usual to get ahead of some nasty weather so we ended up going to an early dinner together instead.


We went to our church’s fundraiser, a hole-in-one tournament, last night. Brian hit a few balls while Preston scared me half to death playing on a playground made for much older children!! Thankfully, his friend and P’s godfather Robert was there and helped me while Brian hit balls. P had a blast playing with him, and at one point, Margo blew out her diaper and had to be changed from head to toe, so I left him in charge for a while.


Happy girl! She looked so big in the stroller that night.

Father’s Day

I am a terrible wife because I didn’t take any pics of Brian with the kids on Father’s Day. I always do that and forgot this year. We had a great day celebrating him. We went to church with his parents and sister, came home for lunch and naps, and then over to his older sister’s house for a cookout to celebrate my father-in-law. Brian is such a wonderful dad. P and M are so lucky to have him. I can’t imagine doing this parenting thing with anyone else. It’s not an easy job, but he rolls with it all so well. We love you, Brian! I didn’t get to see my dad, since he and my mom are traveling in Europe right now, but I thought about him and my grandfather a lot of the day. I missed them!

Our House

After taking quite the break on anything home related (our last house project was in September), we are having two large sweet gum trees taken down next week. They are very close to the house, so I am sure I will be a nervous wreck. I guess it is better that I will be at work and not home! I’ll post some before and after pics!

I think that’s it! Full, full, full but so, so great!


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