Little Words

I want to remember all the things Preston is saying right now. His words and phrases are so cute as he learns to converse more and more.

Upon getting mad at me…
“Mommy, if you do not stop, you will not get….. an education!”

Holding the hand sanitizer…
“I need some hanzitizer.”

After throwing a fit about not wanting chicken and broccoli casserole for supper….he finally takes a very reluctant bite.
“This is the best thing I have ever eaten, and you are the best mommy ever for makin it!”

In the bathtub….
I need to get out to go to the pada. That is potty in Spanish.”

Every single day, he asks what day it is and what is happening that day. He needs to know the plan for the whole day, everyday, and usually likes to talk about what is happening tomorrow too. 

Love that child so much!


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