Margo is 9 Months & July 4


You turned 9 months old on July 4! How fun for all of us! Your first birthday will be here before we know it.


I took you to the doc for your check up and you weighed 19 lb, 4 oz (50%) and were 50-75% for height. I think you were 29 inches. Your head was 90%, but you look pretty proportioned, so no one is worried. 🙂 We took a selfie in the mirror at the doctor!

photo 2-1


We had a lot of fun at the doctor this visit! Ripping the paper, rolling around, smiling at Dr. Bubba and thankfully, no shots this time! He also said your ears were perfect! I am always worried about ear infections. 🙂


This month has been all about crawling and learning to pull up! It has also been all about finger foods and trying all kinds of new things to eat.


Also, you are really getting a mouth full of teeth. You have your bottom two, your top front two and the two beside the top front are just about to pop through. They are swollen and they hurt, but you barely make a peep. I think we have given you Tylenol twice and teething tablets a couple times, but you have really handled it like a champ. Other than that, you are still our easy going baby.


You are making more sounds too. Dada is your favorite to say, but you have started making “tata” and “bah bah” and “gaga” sounds. You LOVE your pacifier. Like, really love it. Preston never took a pacifier, so your dad and I are a little worried about how deep your addiction is. Breaking you of it one day is going to be a challenge, but we’ve decided to wait until after your first birthday. We try to limit it to car rides, nap time and bed time, but with teething, you’ve been wanting it more. Yikes!


You have successfully made it this far without holding your own bottle or showing any remote interest in a sippy cup. We’re not worried though – you’ll get it eventually. Plus, there is something so sweet about stopping everything you are doing, and giving you a bottle. It’s the only time I really get to stare at your eyes, your hair and all your sweet baby features. Then, before I know it, you are off again! So, really, no need to start gaining any independence just yet. 🙂

Preston is truly your favorite person. He says the sweetest things to you. When you cry, he says, “Oh Margo, you got some teeth coming through?” or “It’s okay. You are my baby and it’s okay.” It is THE.SWEETEST. We could have not dreamed the two of you would get along so well. We pray every night that this continues. Your little personalities are so complimentary of each – so very different, but in a really great way. You both are just our whole world! We love you, Margo. Happy 9 months!

After we took M’s 9 month pics, we headed over a couple blocks to our neighborhood parade. My neighbor/friend and I brought back the parade this year after a 5 year or so hiatus. She did more work than me, but I did the invitations and brought some cool treats for the kids. She called the fire station and passed out the invites to the 140 houses in our neighborhood. We both sent out alerts on our neighborhood website. We were not sure what to expect, but it ended up being the sweetest little morning! It wasn’t huge, but we know it will grow. Let me tell you – those kids made some really cool memories that morning!

As we walked over to the parade, we turned the corner and saw several people set up in chairs ready to watch. We were shocked to see my parents! I had told my mom that I was working with a neighbor/friend to plan the parade. She saw the invite on our frig, and she and my dad surprised us. It was a big surprise for sure! The best part was that my mom dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Hilarious. The firefighters wanted their picture with her. It was hysterical!

Brian worked the day before to deck out the kids red wagon with some supplies from our friends the Corsons and some he purchased. He did an awesome job! It turned out so cute and I was so proud of his creativity. We got lots of compliments. Lots of people automatically complimented me thinking I did it, but I could have never pulled off what Brian did. He is great at stuff like that – it’s a little known facet of his many hidden talents. 😉

photo 4-2

photo 3-1



My FAVORITE story from the day – the parade was kicked off by some sweet teenagers in our neighborhood driving their parents convertible with patriotic music playing and a bubble machine. We were a couple families behind that, walking down the street as part of the parade. Preston looks up at us and says very matter-of-fact “Um, where is the parade?” We had to explain to him that THIS WAS IT. We’re in it. HAHA! I guess he was underwhelmed! haha!







We paraded the center block in our neighborhood. We had the fire truck hook up to a hydrant and spray the kids at the end. They all ran in with their clothes on and were giggling and LOVING every minute of it. Preston was the first kid out there. When we gave him the green light, he went sprinting! Here is a link to a video showing how much he loved it! That morning, it was uncharacteristically in the low 70s, and the water was COLD. The kids lips were turning blue! haha! Preston got to sit in the fire truck and he loved it!
After the parade, my parents went home and we went to a neighbor’s house to swim. We went home for naps (after P had the meltdown of the century at our neighbors!!! Sorry!) and when they woke, we headed to my in-laws. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed some pool time over there in the afternoon and into the night. Margo got in the pool for the very first time with Brian and really liked it! Preston was a little fish like always, and jumped off the diving board at least 50 times!
photo 2
photo 1
photo 3
photo 4
It was an AWESOME July 4th! It was also the longest! We ended up staying up until midnight, because we left the next morning bright and early for the beach. More posts on that to come!

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