6th Anniversary & A Weekend in Atlanta

Our 6th anniversary was June 28. We celebrated with a dinner at Felicia Suzanne’s and saw Book of Mormon at the Orpheum. It was a fun night with lots of laughing and quality time together!

The next day, we got on the road for a weekend in Atlanta for a college friend’s wedding. When I told my mom about the weekend, I mentioned that one day I would want to take P to the Georgia Aquarium. She said “Well, how about I go with you and keep P in the hotel while you go to the wedding? That way, he could go to the aquarium.” Great idea! We took her up on it and she came along with us.

We took Margo to my in-laws for the weekend. I had some anxiety leaving her, because it was the first time I had ever left her for a weekend. When she is not with me, my heart hurts a little bit! I missed her! I knew she would be in great hands and loved on all weekend, but that first time is always a little bittersweet. She had a great time with her aunts and grandparents soaking up all the one-on-one attention she deserves every now and then! 🙂

P did great in the 6 hour car ride. It was also his first time to stay at a hotel. He thought that was great!


We grabbed pizza near the hotel, and woke up early the next morning to get to the aquarium right when it opened. Well, apparently, the rest of the United States had the same idea. I have never felt so claustrophobic in a public place! It was crazy how busy it was. Preston got overwhelmed and was out of sorts. We powered through and managed to see the whole thing, including the dolphin show. What an experience! The place is incredible. What a gem Atlanta has in its aquarium. I would love to go back on a random Tuesday morning or something when it probably isn’t as crowded. Our favorites were the dolphin show, the tunnel that goes under the huge tank with all the sharks and manta rays, the beluga whales, and the penguins. 🙂










We headed back to the hotel. Preston went down for a nap. That day, June 28, was also our 6th wedding anniversary. Mom said she would stay at the hotel with Preston while he napped, and we could go to Sweetwater Brewery for a tour and drinks. Again, we took her up on it! (Moms are awesome.) That place was awesome! We had a blast and left feeling a bit buzzed. It was a great deal though and I would totally recommend it for anyone visiting Atlanta. It was a fun little anniversary treat!




We headed back to the hotel and got ready for the wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was in the Rose Garden and was beautiful! It was so great to see all of our Georgia friends again. It is tough not seeing them but once a year, but each time we hang out it is like no time has passed. We tried to tell all of them to come visit us in Memphis and sincerely hope some of them take us up on it one day!






Sunday morning, we woke up and started the drive home. We stopped in Tupelo to eat at one of Brian’s favorite places, Neon Pig. If you are ever driving through, it is definitely worth the stop! We also saw all the tornado damage on the way.



All in all, it was a great anniversary and a great weekend away with P! We were so happy to see Margo again – especially Preston!


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