A Weekend in Pickwick

We were invited to spend a weekend at Pickwick with Brian’s cousin and her family. We spend a good bit of time with them because they are in the exact same place in life and it was wonderful to have friends/family to share memories with. Even though there was almost always a child in time out (haha!), we had a great time hanging out with the kids and attempting to stay up and have adult time after they sort of went to sleep. 🙂

For the fourth weekend in a row, we packed the kids up and started on our travels. A short 2 hr, 15 min drive from Memphis to just outside of Iuka, MS. We stayed at Brian’s aunt and uncle’s house that they have had for a long time. It is a beautiful house and set up perfectly for kids. We had a great time!

Margo took her very first boat ride and Preston caught his very first fish all by himself!


Reading the kids bedtime stories! Love these little ones!


P’s first fish! They were really biting off the dock.


These two were in love with Margo!


Playing in the yard


Hunting bugs! They each had their little jars and found a few roly polys.


Fascinated by the margarita machine!


Sweet kiddos! Eva fell asleep eating her snack.


Margo’s first boat ride!


Henry’s Dog ended up overboard at one point. We turned the boat around to go rescue him. Henry was a nervous wreck, but Matt saved him and all was well again!


Popsicles on the deck


Naptime on the boat!




The adults were laughing because how could anyone cry on a boat ride? I can’t remember what the issue was. No telling with 3 year olds!




Don’t worry – he was holding her bottom and legs 🙂


Our fearless child loved jumping off the back of the boat and into the water! He also loved jumping off the dock at the house. The neighbors had this high diving board. He begged to jump from it, and all of us were a little uneasy about it because it was pretty high. We let him try it with us right there, and sure enough, he ended up doing it at least 15 times more.


We stopped the boat around Waterloo and let the kids swim. A little turtle swam up to the boat, much to the delight of all of us! Preston went right up to it, and we warned him he might snap. 🙂


After lots of rain and clouds Friday and Saturday, Sunday was much sunnier and was a great day for boating and swimming. We were sad to head home that afternoon!

Brian was going through old pics at the lake house and found this one of him and his dad. Preston look-alike!



Such a fun weekend!


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