P’s First Day of Big Boy School

The time has come and I can hardly believe it. We have had Preston at a very sweet preschool the last couple years, Christ the King, and it has been a good experience. The director of the school got a little teary (and I did too) on our last day. On Tuesday of this past week, Preston started at the school we hope for him to go to until 8th grade, St. Louis. This is also our parish school and just a short mile and a half from our house. We decided to go ahead and start him, since we were not sure if we would be able to get a spot for kindergarten. Their preschool has grown a good bit, and all the preschool kids and siblings have been getting the kindergarten spots. Brian’s sister went to this same school and loved it, and I hope that he enjoys it too and makes life long friends.

photo (15)

His teachers are Mrs. Christina and Mrs. Lauren. He has mostly boys in his class, so hopefully they are not too wild all together. 🙂 He had a good first day, with only one minor incident where he got a little upset, but all in all had a really great first day. I hope the transition is a smooth one for him! He starts full time on Monday. This year and next year he does not have to wear a uniform. We are also having to pack his lunches and snacks for the first time (his last school fed him), so that is new to us. We also ordered him his first monogrammed L.L. Bean backpack since the toddler bag is not big enough to fit his lunch, change of clothes, take home folder, and blanket for nap.

I think a lot about what a wild age this year. Still such a baby in many ways, but so big in others. He is so verbal and uses a pretty impressive vocabulary, which can be deceptive. His teachers had us write letters about our kids that we turned in on the first day of school so that they could understand them better – likes, dislikes, personality traits, things they should know about them, etc. I wrote “Preston is very verbal and often sounds like he understands what he is saying, but do not let that fool you. Most of the time, he does not understand the meanings of his words and how sometimes words can hurt.” I also wrote about what a sweet and cuddly child he is, yet really wanting to be independent and in charge at the same time. It’s always a struggle for him. He also doubts himself a lot. He is quite the complex 3-year-old. I love that about him, but it can be a bit exhausting. My hopes are that he has understanding, patient and loving teachers.

I’m so proud of him and what a big boy he is becoming. It is tough work being a parent, especially to such a head strong child, but I firmly believe he will be president one day! Go Preston!


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