Margo is 10 Months

I better post this before you turn 11 months pretty soon!

Wow, double digits! Margo, you are 10 months old.


I hate that I’m doing this so late, but wanted to wait until your rash was gone before taking your 10 month pictures. The pictures are getting harder and harder to take as you get more mobile! You do not want to sit in the chair and pose.


Developmentally, you easily pull up and “walk” around the room holding onto furniture. You are becoming more and more active everyday, but still a bit cautious. I was telling a friend the other day that, in a nod to your easy going nature, you generally stay in the same locale. Preston was everywhere, getting into all kinds of things, but you just hang out in a general area and play with a toy in a much more focused and concentrated way. You are still active, your behavior is just different than his was.


You stand unassisted too, but just haven’t taken a step yet. I think you are close!


You have about 8 teeth, maybe more coming in. Your hair is getting thicker and thicker, too. You are starting to rip bows out of your hair, and that pretty much makes me die a little inside. 😉


Your personality is really starting to shine more. You are coming out of your shell more, and just have the best disposition. You are a happy baby, although sometimes it takes a bit to get you going. Preston still makes you laugh the hardest.


You are at the point where you are really fun to feed! You attack anything in your high chair and it usually ends up all over the floor, all over your clothes and hair, and you have the most fun playing and eating your food.



Margo, you are such a joy and blessing to our family. Happy 10 months precious baby sister! We love you, Moo!




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