She’s 11 months old!


HOW did that happen?! How are we just a month shy of your very first birthday? Goodness, time is quickly slipping away.


This past month has not been the best. It’s been a tough month, actually. I think I can count on one hand the number of nights you slept through the night. 😦 We aren’t sure what is going on – teething, developmental leaps (you are oh-so-close to walking), hospital throwing you off your schedule completely, too long naps during the day, etc. We are a bit stumped on this one. We are hoping for more restful nights ahead!


You stand alone, unassisted, and seem pretty sturdy on your feet, but have not taken that first step yet.


You are babbling a lot more in the last couple weeks! You wave hi and bye and even say “bah-bah” for bye bye. You also say “mama” pretty regularly now. I just love it! You’ve been saying “dada” for a while now, so it’s good to finally hear “mama.”


Your hair is getting thicker and starting to curl a bit at the ends. I have been hoping you might get P’s very curly baby hair. Baby curls are the best!


In terms of eating, you are starting to show preferences to certain foods. It’s not that you are picky, but you act a little weird about some foods. You put all food in your mouth, but will spit out random things. Even things you like! Recently, you spit out green beans and also strawberries. Maybe you are trying to figure out textures, but I hope you don’t become picky! You are also not super interested in a sippy cup. P was fully transitioned to sippys by 6 months old. He always preferred them to bottles. Not you, sis! You LOVE your bottle. Almost as much as pacy. We are in trouble! 🙂


I’ve started preparations for your first birthday. So hard to believe it will be here so soon. You are just the sweetest child. You truly have such a sweet disposition. We love you so much, Margo! You are such a delight to watch grow!





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