Hand-me-downs & Backyard Fun

Our house survives on hand-me-downs. Usually they consist of clothes and shoes, which I get excited about, but Preston normally doesn’t notice or care really. Recently, we got a hand-me-down that he is pretty pumped about. A mini four wheeler! He is still getting the hang of steering it, but he loves to drive. 🙂


Brian trying to teach P how to drive in our driveway. P had a little bit of a lead foot, but finally started getting the hang of it.



We’ve had some beautiful weather in Memphis lately. Brian grilled some burgers and hot dogs the other night, and it was perfect weather for some outdoor playtime after work.



He was teaching Margo how to ride in the fire truck!



Margo loves to swing!


Those teeth and those eye lashes! Could she be any more precious?!



Preston has said some hilarious stuff lately. He was telling me some artwork he did last year at his school, and said “Mommy, when I made this, I said to myself, ‘Mommy would like this.'” What 3 year old says that? Then the other day, he was struggling to verbalize a thought. My mom tried to finish it for him, and he said “Wait Mimi. I got this.” Too funny. That child has one of the biggest personalities I’ve seen in a little kid. He talks to anyone and is never afraid of sharing his opinion. Brian and I are two VERY hard working parents when it comes to P – that’s for sure!

Big developments in the world of Margo. Our little one is walking!! Well, kind of. She takes a few steps here and there. Brian counted 11 steps across the playroom the other day. Also, Miss Priss has been loving some of her mom’s cooking lately! So much so, that if her meal isn’t home cooked casserole, chicken and veggies, etc. she doesn’t eat it. We got some feedback from her teacher at school that Margo really prefers home cooked mac and cheese, chicken, my special green beans that I make for her in beef broth and onion, and delicious cheeses, and that plain old peas and lunch meat are not really her thing. Um, is our daughter a foodie?!


Margo has a tiny dimple on her right side that shows only when she smiles really big or laughs really hard. It is so adorable! We noticed it a while ago and I am so glad I captured it in a pic! She also loves to crinkle her nose in the cutest way possible. She truly makes Brian and I SWOON!!!





Oh these kids! They sure do make life an adventure. 🙂


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