Star of the Week




Big week around here. Preston is the Star of the Week in his class! That means he got to bring a special snack, make a poster about himself, and have his mom and dad come for story time. He chose two books: Row Row Row Your Boat and A Mudpie for Mother. In true Preston fashion, he would not let me read the books and instead “read” them to his classmates. He has most of his books memorized, so he took great pleasure in being in charge and reading the books. He is such a little teacher! He used the star pointer and showed the class his poster, talking about everybody in the pictures. Mrs. Christina opened up the floor for questions, and Preston called each of his friends by name as they raised their hands. None of them actually asked a question, but shared statements:

1. “I like the stickers you put on your poster.”
2. “Preston – you were digging, and you started crying, because your hair got white!” – one boy was VERY troubled because Preston’s hair was so blonde when he was little, it looked white. He could not understand how that happened.
3. “I have soccer on Saturdays.”

Three year olds are so funny! They were all like little teachers.


photo (21)




photo (20)


Fun morning at his school!

Also wanted to document this. They have been learning nursery rhymes, and P came home to recite one. He said:

“Mistress Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and TACO SHELLS
and pretty maids all in a row.”

Haha! Love that boy.


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