“Margo is Growing Up!” 1st Birthday Party

Best weekend ever! First, your last monthly update. (Cue the tears from your mom.)


Saturday was your first birthday. The fastest year of my life!


I can’t put into words what you have done for our family. You have brought immeasurable joy, laughter, and PINK into our house and we would not change it for a thing! You are babbling a lot and making no sense at all. We haven’t really deciphered any consistent first words yet, other than mama and dada, but I know you are close with all the babbling.


You are WALKING everywhere! You are a very curious little girl and get into all kinds of things that your brother didn’t try to get into. For instance, the toilet, kitchen cabinets, windows, etc. You really love your family so much! You love each of us in very different ways, and I love that. With Daddy, you love to snuggle with him, play with him, and he makes you laugh! With Preston, you love to play with him on the floor and try to do all the things that he does. He can get you very wild, and makes you laugh the hardest! With Mommy, you like to be right where I am all the time, carried around by me, and in new places, you say “mama mama” and want me to be with you. I am definitely a comfort for you, and it makes my heart just swell with happiness.


I am always so proud to show you off, and talk about all of your accomplishments. Your teachers call you “mature” – you were one of the first to walk in your class, and they say you like to play with toys that are above where most of the other kids are developmentally. They also say you have the most teeth in the class! I think you have about 8 now. In terms of eating, you eat large volumes of food, but you are showing some picky-ness. You don’t like strawberries or raspberries, but you do like grapes and mandarin oranges. You love chicken and deli meats and string cheese. You also love mac and cheese and Pirate’s Booty. You refused to eat baked ziti the other night, and only eat green beans if I cook them with seasonings and beef broth. You are quite the impatient eater. When you are done, you are done and want OUT of the high chair! When you are ready to eat, we can’t get you in fast enough.

For your birthday, we had a major party! We kind of came into a bounce house and face painting party package at a silent auction that was such a low price, we couldn’t pass it up. No one had bid on it, so at the last minute we wrote our names and got it! So, Margo’s party was planned! It ended up being a beautiful day Saturday, sunny and 67 degrees, so we played all day outside. The company was supposed to pick up the bounce house at 3, but didn’t come back until 6, much to Preston’s delight. He has never slept so hard! I think he bounced in there for probably 3 hours combined time. He said her birthday was “the best day of his life.” 🙂

Since we came into a bounce house, we thought it would be cute to do a “Up” theme which led to Growing Up, and the idea for the hot air balloons. I loved that her actual birthday fell on a Saturday, so we could have the party the day of. We’ve never had that work out before!

Bday invite

My mom came over Friday night to help us clean, and then Brian’s mom and sister came over early Saturday morning to help. We cannot thank them enough for all the help! We would not have been able to do it without them.


The company brought the princess bounce house, and I about died when I saw it. Haha! We set up a couple kids tables with chairs for them to eat lunch and a few bistros for adults.


I found Margo a sweet little hot air balloon dress and cardigan at Mini Boden. I want to buy Margo everything from that site, and I have to restrain myself every time a sale offer pops up in my inbox.


The kids loved the bounce house! I am always a little nervous about bounce houses because kids can get hurt or out of control, but it was very safe and under control and the kids had a blast!


Our precious neighbor Connor!


Cousins in the bounce house!


Margo sat at the kids table. 🙂


Having a little lunch with Sarah Mae, Marie and Preston.


Margo’s godfather Blake was there. 🙂


P picked Spiderman for his face paint. He was so proud and kept asking to look in the mirror. He was the cutest while he was getting it painted – he was grinning so big!


Thank you to our cake guy Wayne who always comes through with beautiful and tasty cakes for our family!


She is just the cutest!


P and M’s second cousins, Sarah Mae and Campbell, loved getting their faces painted too.


Margo had her own tiny smash cake that looked like the large cake. It was so cute!


Everyone singing happy birthday! She loved it!



She was very cautious with her cake, but after I broke off a little cake and icing, she tried it and thought about it, and decided she liked it and wanted more. She was super cute with her cake.




Best family pic we got! Margo was sharing her cake with P, and he helped her eat it. I think P had about 3 pieces of cake that day! Thankfully, we had the bounce house to burn off that sugar high.

photo 1 (7)

Sometimes, I look at them together and am just in amazement that they are ours. What blessings they are!



Reed picked a cat! Love that boy!


Margo got a hot air balloon painted on her cheek.


Getting a kiss from Avery!


My parents, Mimi and Mook, got in the bounce house after much urging from Preston. P thought it was hilarious and could not stop giggling. My dad may or may not have come out limping a little! haha!


Brian and I got in too. Brian was jumping over Preston and throwing him around in there. It was so much fun!



My aunt Marian was holding Margo while we played in the bounce house and Margo fell asleep. I laid her down in her crib and she slept for almost 3 hours! Sweet baby was worn out.


I had little cans of Sofia for the grownups, so after her nap we enjoyed them and sat out on the screened porch for the rest of the day.


We decorated the porch with her monthly banner, hot air balloons and pictures of Margo.


So thankful for him! I had a vision for this birthday party and he brought it to life and made it even better. I appreciate his patience for me and my wild hairs. When I say “Brian, can you get the ladder and hang hot air balloons all over the porch?” he did it with only a few eye rolls. 🙂 He did cut out the letters for her name and the 1 and get everything set up and ready on the porch. He is the best daddy!




After everyone left, the 4 of us had some fun with silly string. Preston loved the stuff! He asked if Santa could bring some to him at Christmas. 🙂

photo 2 (5)

The can was a little hard to push down – haha!

photo 3 (6)

Brian and I got Margo a baby doll and baby stroller for her birthday. She LOVES it! I mean, is the below picture not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life?! She just makes my heart explode! When she was walking around the room strolling her baby, I really did get a little teary eyed. Having a girl is so fun for me!



Margo, you are such a dream come true! Your dad and I were talking about all the praying we did for you when I was pregnant with you. Every prayer came true with you. You are a miracle child to us in so many ways, and you round out our family in the best way possible. You bring happiness to so many, and we are so very thankful we get the privilege of being your mom and dad.

We love you sweet Margo Moo! Happy 1st Birthday!


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