Preston Says…

Convo #1
Me: Preston, you are great at painting. Do you think you’ll be a painter when you grow up?
Preston: When I grow up, I will be a pterodactyl and a painter.

Convo #2
Watching Daddy cut small trees down with a chainsaw outside, Preston says…
Wow, Daddy is going to be a grown up tree cutter when he grows up!

Convo #3
Me: I think you are a bit dehydrated. You should probably drink some more water.
Preston: Five minutes later….. Mom, did you say I am hibernated?

Convo #4
Preston: spelling out the letters…. M C F P T S H. Do you know what the spells? Thermometer.

Convo #5
It was one of those mornings, and we arrived at school at the last minute before the doors locked. His friend Cory was walking in at the same time. Preston looked at Cory and said “Oh hi, Cory, did you sleep in today too?”



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