All the FALL things

We have been busy enjoying fall, even through this warm weather burst we have had! Memphis has so many fall themed kid events that we find it hard picking and choosing which ones we have time for. Now that Margo is a little bit older and walking everywhere, eating all normal foods and transitioned off bottles, she has become a little more portable making weekend activities a little more manageable. Now, don’t get us wrong, Brian called himself a “mule” this weekend when we walked in the door with strollers, bags, snacks/lunches, cups, and changes of clothes. Regardless, she is becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby, which makes things a little easier. The kids have really been a lot of fun lately. 🙂

First up, a visit to the pumpkin patch! We love Priddy Farms and it is the second year for us to make a visit. The kids really enjoyed it! We did the hayride, train ride, moon bounces, picked pumpkins and enjoyed playing on the playground. We got some cute fall pictures of the kids, too!










That same day, we met our cousins at Pyro’s for some pizza and headed over to Zoo Boo! To say it was packed was an understatement, but the kids still had fun checking everything out, riding the rides, and trick-or-treating! Plus, they just have so much fun together that it makes it fun for all of us! Preston wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf this year and Margo will be Little Red Riding Hood. We hadn’t finished Margo’s costume yet when we went to Zoo Boo, so she wore her UT cheerleader outfit! Eva was Olaf and Henry was a pirate. 🙂








Dancing in the disco room!


Oh these two! They have lots of fun together.



Fun on the train ride!

The next weekend we made a visit to the corn maze at the Agricenter. It was pretty fun, but not very easy with the stroller and we actually got lost in the corn maze! We decided to head out at the half way point and go to the jumping pillow. P loved it! It was SO hot, 85 degrees, so we didn’t stay too long. I think we would have liked it more if it was a little cooler. P loved being in charge inside the corn maze and telling us which way to go!








Little sister is on the move! Walking everywhere and as sweet as she can be. 🙂


The next day after church, we visited the River Arts Fest downtown. For those of you that know Preston, you know the child LOVES art. He was in his happy place at this festival. We had to drag him away from the artist demo booths. Preston got to make his own paper, and even drew his own tile for us to bake at home to keep. He was mesmerized by the glass blowing as well. He so enjoyed looking at all the art too, and going booth to booth. It was so neat watching him interpret things that he saw, and the artists enjoyed watching him too. 🙂

photo 5

Later that day, our church and P’s school had a Trunk or Treat event. Again, it was so hot and the poor kids were dying in their hot costumes so we didn’t stay long. It was fun to see some of the kids in his class, and I am SO looking forward to his school Halloween party coming up.


Showing me some of his loot!


I still need to do a little work to her costume, but it should be together by Halloween. Ha!

Lots of fun lately!


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